Your Website’s Most Attractive “Real Estate”

Your Website’s Most Attractive “Real Estate”

Your website is crucial to marketing the services or products of your business. It is where the majority of your customers will find you or learn more about your business. Websites can be simple or complex. The industry you are in will dictate how detailed your website should be, but there is one key piece of information that is universal.

In the United States, we read from left to right and from top to bottom. Why is this important to consider when developing a website? Because this is how our eyes are trained to look at the page on the computer screen. Therefore, you want to place your most valuable information at the top of the page. Left or right is not quite as important, but the left side of the page is ideal.

Web designers stress so much on this concept, that eye-tracking software & technology has been developed in order to determine where a user’s gaze goes on a website.

Marketers use similar technology to detect what a viewer is drawn to in moving media (like a commercial advertisement)

How do you choose what information to place in this coveted spot? Consider the purpose of your website. Your goal is most likely to have a potential customer view your site and then take action either by placing a call or sending an email. There is your answer. Your contact information should be easy to locate on each and every page of your site. Once a potential customer decides to take action, you do not want them to have to search for your contact information. Each click or scroll takes the potential customer one step further away from taking action.

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