Why Have a Website?

Why Have a Website?

Do you have a business?

If you answered “yes,” you are pre-approved for a website!!

Today, if you don’t have a website for your business, it’s almost like not having a business at all.  The fact that individuals are more likely to visit your business’s website, before physically entering the doors of your business, is a reality.  Like it or not, the digital age commands web design for growing businesses.  It’s time to address the “digital you.”

For some, the concept of building a custom web design and managing an online reputation is frightening, to put it lightly.  However, when you need a new engine installed in your car, do you start “googling” the process for a weekend project?  NO!  You hire a professional.

Web design is no different.  Don’t worry about the process alone.  A talented web design company will be more than capable, and happy, to help customize your web design, leverage your online business presence, and explain the process all the while.

 What is Web Design?

Building a digital presence through tailored web design is…kind of a big deal!  While it’s not something to fear, it is best left to a custom web design and online marketing company.

Think of web design as a delicious, intricate, 4-course meal.  The overall “deliciousness” CANNOT be broken down into parts, since the collective nature is what makes it so good.  Further, the meal, without even just ONE ingredient, would not be as delicious without its mere presence on the plate.

Web design is JUST like this delicious meal!  It is comprised of many high-quality parts, which ultimately make up a delicious….or, highly successful …final product.  So, what are the “parts” of quality web design?

*Customized design

*Impeccable logo design

*Savvy web coding

*Seamless user-navigation

*User friendly platform

All of these elements require the reinforcement of the next, without being able to tangibly see or understand their actual dependence on one another.  Like an exquisite sauce drizzled atop your perfectly cooked filet of sea bass, it is almost impossible to pick out all ingredients involved in that culinary masterpiece.  Your web design possesses that same mystique.

Your unique and unmatched design will only be as strong as the strategic web coding, which provides seamless navigation and ease of usability for your visitors.

Allow ALL parts of your web design campaign to THRIVE, as a result of simply be A PART of a WHOLE.

 What Are the Benefits of Web Design For You & Your Business?

Now that you understand the importance of actually possessing a website, you need to know what to do with it.

Building an online reputation is just like building popularity in the “real” world.  It’s tricky and, if you’re not careful, you might become popular for undesirable reasons.  This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and other online marketing benefits come into play.

Have you heard of a website called Facebook?  You’re probably snickering internally right now, at the utter naiveté of that question.  Social media is where it’s at!  Everyone and their mother are riding the social media train.  You can either get on or get buried in the dust….your business presence, that is.

Your FRESH, new website is the perfect vessel to leverage your online presence, via other digital means:

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

In regard to online reputation, SEO is the boss!  You might be able to gain a legitimate following by simply building a great website and visiting like-minded blogs.  But, SEO is strategic, precise, and left to the minds of savvy experts.

SEO includes utilizing back-page coding and keywords, to naturally target the search engines like Google.  A web design company, with your best interest in mind, will initiate an SEO campaign that does the following: strategically codes your pages for increased visibility, acquires high-quality, high Page Rank links via link building, deploys posts on relevant, niche-related websites, blogs, forums, directories, and submits your site to various directories and search engines.

 Social Media Marketing:

The pervasion of Facebook, Twitter, and the like are a force to be reckoned with.  USE THESE TOOLS to your advantage.

A web design company will build your website and, then, reinforce your social media presence by integrating plug-ins to your site.  Linking your various online “personalities” is a way to create meaningful relationships, garner inbound links, and build your online authority.

Social Media, in all its pervasive glory, is the perfect place to stamp your business and your new website.  Since an astronomical amount of individuals are visiting these sites for leisure every day, you immediately promote your business in general.  Through a social media marketing campaign, a web design company would implement strategic research in your niche community, find out the most effective times and days to post compelling material, and target your desired clientele.

Now, let me rephrase the question……………..

Why NOT Have a Website???

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