Ways to Clean Up Your Company Blog

Ways to Clean Up Your Company Blog

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Blogging is one of the best tactics to increase web presence out there. Blogs provide websites with 434% more indexed pages, 97% more indexed links, and are 63% more likely to influence buying decisions than newspapers. Content marketing through blogs is also 62% less expensive than traditional marketing methods, while tripling lead generation.

But if you have a blog that’s just gathering dust in some forgotten corner of your website, it could do more harm than good. Here are some ways you can clean up that old blog and bring in the traffic your company needs.

  • Eliminate Repetitive Content
    Targeting keywords is well and good, but if you have 50 articles on how to polish furniture with only slight variations, you could find yourself penalized by search engines rather than ranked. Eliminate posts with duplicate content and try to deliver fresh content every time you post.
  • Update Outdated Content
    If you have an article speculating on whether or not Apple’s going to release a new product and it hasn’t been updated since the product was released, it might not be a bad time to update the post with new information, or make a new post that links to your initial speculation.
  • Invest in Professional Logo Design 
    Professional logo design can really set you apart from those other blogs using clip art and repetitive WordPress themes. You want your blog to look clean, professional and branded, and investing in professional logo design can help with that.
  • Make Your Blog Responsive
    More and more people are browsing on smartphones, and they’ll navigate right off of a site that doesn’t look clean and responsive on their screen. Make sure you have a web design that works on mobile devices as well as desktops.
  • Clean Up Your URLs
    Search engines use URL signals to decide how your website ranks, so having a clean URL structure with the topic in the URL rather than a jumble of letters or numbers is a great way to increase your visibility. Just make sure you build in the proper redirects if you have links to the page you alter.

Once you’ve got your blog cleaned up, don’t just let it sit there! Update it frequently with fresh content and you’ll have a much better chance of pulling in the search traffic you need.

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