Uncovering the SECRET to Viral Content

Uncovering the SECRET to Viral Content

Viral content! You KNOW it when you see it, because it usually evokes one or more of the following:

Bottom-belly, gut-wrenching LAUGHTER

Sun-blazing RAGE


Speechless AWE

Bone Chilling ANXIETY


Well, you get the point! Viral content becomes viral because it typically hits us at the very core of a specific emotion. As of late, viral videos and photos have sort of bombarded the content that becomes viral altogether, simply because photos and videos are quick and easy to digest: nothing too “meaty” regarding text, immediately understood, and attacks our LAZIEST auditory and visual senses.

However, language content is not a thing of the past, contrary to all of the Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube hype! And, there are ways of naturally attracting viral audiences, without implementing snarky black-hat SEO or even white-hat SEO tactics.

The GOLDEN RULE of success is HONESTY!

That honesty can be applied in every sense of the word. From overtly precise facts to authentic writing style, captivating an audience needn’t involve some devilish, secret plan.

Try the following content tips on for size regarding your viral content marketing campaign:

***Write ROCKSTAR Headlines

Your readers are probably only considering reading your SWEET content because your headline proved fascinating enough to indulge the rest. FACT!

Think of your headline as the ARTFULLY DESIGNED book cover to your content! Maybe you can’t, or shouldn’t, judge a book by its cover; but, you certainly can, and WILL, be compelled to read content with SWEET headlines and muddle over the trite ones!

In case you’re not the most creative cat in the content community, I strongly urge that you come up with at least 5, and up to 10, headlines for each article/blog/essay. Options are good in the world of content headlines. And, mustering up as many unique and clever headlines as your little brain can handle, you give yourself options. Here are a few tips in headlines composition that are guaranteed to lock down readers:

*Be clever, not strange: Witty dialogue is always an enticement to continue to your content. However, if you’re so clever that you’re strange, people might not “get it,” thereby glazing over your article altogether.

*Don’t speak for your readers: Don’t make up their minds and/or put words into their mouths. If you DO need to include your opinion, try to play devil’s advocate, so as to entice curiosity.

*Ask Questions: Prompting questions in headlines allows readers to begin thinking about your content before they read it. Their uncertain answer will pique further interest to continue onto your FACTS regarding the matter.

*Use a ROCKSTAR word: I am a personal fan of the word “ROCKSTAR.” And, if you check out my blog, I use it frequently as a means of garnering a subtle smile from readers, compelling them to continue reading, and staking my ownership/trademark of that word in general.

*** “FRAME” Your Content WISELY with Various Visual Cues

No, I don’t mean to literally frame your content! In the world of VIRAL content marketing, you DO need to consider more than just your content.

Don’t forget to intelligently consider things like high-res photos, memes, and social media accessibility. These things are all visual cues that make your content more appealing at first glance. Here are some ways you can frame your content like a ROCKSTAR:

*TWEET well and frequently: Tweeting with links or photos helps get increased numbers of retweets (RTs) and getting RTs are GREAT for viral content. Also, the more you tweet, the more recognition you give to your article; Because Twitter is a fast-paced landscape and demands that you tweet multiple times in one day about an important promotion.

*Include Awesome Photos: We can’t stress the power of visual media! Recent Facebook statistics are proving that posts including photos get shared and liked more than posts possessing only text content. THUS, adding high-res, relevant photos to your blog or article is the perfect way to captivate readers with eye candy.

***Don’t Discriminate Against Reader Demographic

Although you might not presume this, language can be tailored to specific demographics. And, shunning any individuals would be stringently unfortunate to your viral aspirations!!! Of COURSE, certain topics are geared toward specific age, genders, and the like; but, your writing should possess a “SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE” appeal.

Think of those old-school, CLASSIC Disney flicks you loved growing up. Those writers were onto something! They knew the movies were for the kids, but they always made sure to include something for the adults who were sitting there counting the minutes until the movie ended. That’s the kind of politic you need to employ in your SWEET, ROCKSTAR writing!

***Implement Awe, Passion, Mystique, Anger, Alarm

Refer back to the beginning of this post for a moment:

Viral content becomes viral because it typically hits us at the very core of a specific emotion!!!!!!!

Well, our emotions are delicate flowers. REALLY, they are! And, writing to specifically TARGET certain emotions has the power to affect the viral nature of your content altogether.

Think of all of those chain emails you used to get about abandoned animals or sick children, further requesting that you re-send the email to all of your contacts. What did you do? YOU DID! That’s because your emotions were being held at gunpoint! DO THAT TO YOUR READERS regarding awe, passion, mystique, anger, and alarm. These are surefire ways of, at the very least, captivating your reader intensely!

It would be silly of me to not confess that sheer luck didn’t have anything to do with viral content; because it most certainly does from time to time. However, employing these tried and true tips ASSURE increased readership, as well as increased web visibility, and secured brand identity.

Give the above content strategies a shot on all business-related matters requiring content. Since visual marketing is taking over the digital world, and business marketing at large, that means your content has to pack more power in its punch!

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