Top Three Reasons to Focus on Local SEO and Web Visibility

Top Three Reasons to Focus on Local SEO and Web Visibility

local web visibilitySearch engine optimization is crucial to businesses that want to increase their visibility on the web, especially since search engine use is the most popular internet activity next to email.

But while there is a set path for gaining inorganic search results, those ever-important organic search rankings are more illusive. Organic search creates leads with a 14.6% close rate, as opposed to outbound marketing leads, which only close at a rate of 1.7%. Organic search accounts for 70% of the links that search users click on.

So how can your SEO strategy capture organic search? The secret might be as simple as increasing your local web visibility.

Here are the top three ways that targeting localized keywords and improving local web visibility can increase your presence online:

    1. Mobile Search: More and more people are using search engines from their cell phones and mobile devices. This trend has had significant effects on what people search for, and the language they use to search. Many people searching on mobile devices are on the go, looking for a location near them. This is where local web visibility comes in.Say someone is on their way home from work in Albany, NY and realizes they need office supplies. They may search something like “office supply store Albany NY.” If your business has focused on ranking for that keyword, there’s a high chance you’ll get this customer.


    1. PR Opportunities: The best businesses are involved and engaged in their local community, and this goes for your content marketing plan as well. Local news stations are more likely to notice that local interest piece on your blog and promote it, and you could negotiate for a great link from a reputable local news site for sponsoring a local marathon.Not only does focusing on local involvement boost your search rankings, it can also increase customer loyalty.


  1. Less Competition: When you try to rank for a keyword like “window repair,” you’re competing with window repair businesses across the U.S., even across the world. Small businesses with smaller SEO budgets may find it nearly impossible to compete with national chains for keywords like this.But if you just repair windows in Southern California, you don’t need to rank in the rest of the 49 states. You just need to be the best in your area, and that means competing with a much smaller pool of businesses. Aiming for localized keywords is a smaller battle that you’re more likely to win, and it’s likely to generate more leads as well.

Talk to your internet marketer and find out what you can do to increase your local web visibility.

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