Top Three Misconceptions About Search Engine Optimization

Top Three Misconceptions About Search Engine Optimization

internet marketing servicesInvesting in professional search engine optimization services can be a great way to increase your online marketing presence and manage your reputation on the web. Contrary to popular belief, however, SEO isn’t a magic bullet, and it probably doesn’t work the way you think it does.

Here are the top three misconceptions people have about internet marketing services that use SEO:

  1. Rankings are the Only Metric that Matters
    Rankings are important, but they’re only the very tip of the iceberg. Even if you have amazing rankings, it won’t necessarily drive traffic to your site, and the traffic you do get may not convert into sales leads. Rankings only generate profits if your approach to online advertising is holistic. You need strong landing pages, useful content, calls to action, easily navigable sites and many other factors to make use of the traffic your rankings bring in. For instance, including videos on your site’s landing pages has the potential to increase conversions by up to 86%. Take off your ranking blinders and focus on ways those rankings can actually turn a profit.
  2. Quantity is More Important than Quality
    About 92% of marketers will tell you that content creation is either “very” or “somewhat” effective for SEO tactics, and almost everyone will tell you that Google, which owns 65-70% of the search engine market worldwide, is all about content. Unfortunately, this is an oversimplification. Google is all about quality content. Churning out waves of mediocre blog posts won’t catch their eye. They’re looking for content that will actually be useful and relevant to their searchers. If you’re using internet marketing services that insist on repetitive blog posts, it’s time to switch providers. Likewise, having thousands of links won’t help your site if they don’t come from quality sources.
  3. SEO will Instantly Save Your Business
    Many people who provide internet marketing services will tell you that SEO takes time: anyone who tells you otherwise is fleecing you. SEO is a long term investment, and you’re unlikely to see a drastic change in the first few months. Usually it takes six months to a year to start seeing the effects of online marketing tactics. If you go into an online marketing campaign expecting instant results, you’ll only end up disappointed.

Understanding these misconceptions is the key to having a positive relationship with your online marketing team.

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