Top Industries to Build a Business in 2014

Top Industries to Build a Business in 2014

There’s been a surge in entrepreneurial endeavors in the last decade. And, whether that’s a result of innovative convenience, respect for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) framework, or both, starting a business in 2014 is a lucrative effort.

The business opportunities span the scope of various industries, but there are some who prove to be more profitable than others. Dive into an industry that is growing quickly, whose products and services command the attention of a wide range of people, and whose lifespan provides long-term opportunity.

Here are some of the best industries to dive into in 2014:

*Craft Beers and Alcohol

craft alcohol
So long as people are alive and well, they will continue to relish in the joys of Artisanal alcohol. Specifically in 2014, we’re talking about craft beers and liquors for the discriminating beverage seeker. Food and alcohol snobs have grown at grandiose levels and the thriving, up-and-coming breweries and distillers are proof that we demand craft beverages. Vendors from gourmet farms, high-end grocers, and specialty farmers’ markets are selling these high-quality brews and liquors, with rapidly growing revenue.

*Online Education

online education
We shop, communicate, date, bank, and even conduct business online. So, the online education industry should not be surprisingly lucrative as well. Considering the astronomical prices of on-campus college tuition, the concept of low cost online education is a luxury and solution to the financial burden. Everything from low cost or free training has been backed by the higher-ups at leading universities, as well as some of the leading college preparatory businesses like Kaplan.

*Exclusive Cruises and Travel

For decades, individuals have flocked toward cruises for both the affordability and the excursion. This has certainly not changed. In fact, we are noticing an increase in a new type of cruise travel, catering to various specialties, skills, knowledge, and adventure-seekers. We are seeing niche-focused cruises, like culinary tours, wine cruises, and various other vacations that focus on a culture or theme. Since folks are always going to be in the market to travel at an affordable rate, immersing yourself in this industry has the potential for economic prosperity.

*Kitschy Online Retail

online retail
People are increasingly shopping online, both because it is convenient and the growing number of kitschy shops allows for specialty items. Sites like Etsy offer the platform for entrepreneurial online business, allowing folks to sell everything from hand-crafted greeting cards, jewelry, apparel, photo prints, customized items, vintage retail, and everything else under the sun. Customization and personalization are key with the success of online retail. Young, technologically-inclined individuals are particularly drawn to the one-of-a-kind nature of these products and DIY-mentality.

*Health-related tech

health tech
Consumer-driven healthcare options are posing lucrative products for companies in various health-related industries. And, with the reliance on tech, we are noticing a trend toward fitness apps galore. Marketing toward health is wise because, contrary to the pervasion of unhealthy food and culture options, we really DO want to achieve healthy lifestyles. Digital health companies are promoting everything from fitness apps to monitor progress, as well as innovations to help individuals shrink their health finances.

Starting a business is a lot easier in 2014, with the innovative outlets that technology provides. And, if you’re feeling so inclined to finally tackle an entrepreneurial endeavor, the above industries are at your disposal.


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