Tips for ROCKSTAR Mobile Email Marketing

Tips for ROCKSTAR Mobile Email Marketing

We’re all running on tight schedules.  We’re pressed for time.  And we’re on the go.  Because of this reality, we rely more and more on our mobile devices, smart phones, and ease of access.  With each coming innovation, there’s less of an option for businesses to fall trap to non-mobile friendly development.

Today, businesses are not only building incredible websites, but they’re also developing them intelligently for mobile use.  Your email marketing should be executed in the same manner.  Your clients are increasingly reliant on email via their mobile devices, which puts you in a position to adjust and make it convenient for them:

*Get to know your followers

get to know

It’s not enough to simply talk AT your customers through generic emails.  You’ll need to make your emails compelling, which essentially means providing necessary information to your niche demographic.  Your customers are specific and so, too, are their needs.  Pay close attention to what your customers demand and address these needs in your email campaign.

*Ensure seamless mobile content

ensure seamless

Once you know what your followers are looking for and how to target them, you need to design and optimize your emails.  Much like viewing a website on a mobile device, your emails must be designed impeccably and developed to fit on all smart phones with convenience.  Short attention spans and poorly designed emails do not go well together.  So make sure you cover your bases by ensuring an optimized mobile email campaign.

*Target followers from all angles


If you’re employing a social media campaign for your business, you’re likely utilizing at least two or three platforms.  Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social network, you’ve got specific customers on each.  While some of your customers might very well be following you on ALL of your social platforms, you’d be wrong in assuming that that’s the case for all of your customers.  Those who use Facebook might not utilize Twitter and the like.  Thus, you’ll need to address your followers from all angles.

*Keep it simple

keep it simple 

When it comes to emails and the influx of “junk” we’re all victim to, you don’t want your marketing strategy to get lost in the mix.  The best way to avoid this is to keep it simple.  This entails everything from your content to design.  Logically speaking, mobile devices are small and hand-held.  If you run your email campaigns with dissertation-length prose, your followers are going to become agitated when reading.  Or, worse, they’ll ignore the email altogether.

*Entice customer commentary


Customer feedback, even bad (especially bad!), is one of the most valuable things your business can attain.  If you’re given the luxury of hearing what your followers are thinking, wanting, and needing, you’re in the running for some constructive criticism.  This will only help your marketing stratagem.  Thus, all of your emails should request commentary, engagement, and any other means of facilitating authentic criticism.

*Always customize your content


When it comes to enforcing your brand, personalization is integral.  You wouldn’t want to rip off of another brand’s web design, logo, or marketing campaign.  That’s why your email marketing campaign should be customized as well.  Authenticity speaks volumes and only encourages customers to pay attention.

So, don’t think of your emails as overlooked, boring, and ineffective ways of reaching loyal customers.  Your email marketing campaign can be quite effective if you approach it aggressively, intelligently, and in the same manner as your other marketing strategies.

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