Tips to Becoming a Blogging Rockstar

Tips to Becoming a Blogging Rockstar

I guess my point is, if you’re one of these people considering giving up on blogging in exchange for paying more attention to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, or whatever they throw at us mere mortals, bear in mind you are giving up on something rather unique and wonderful.” (Hugh Macleod)

There’s been a rather robust discourse regarding the future of blogging; especially with the pervasion of the stripped down, immediacy of social media networking.  However, if you ask me (and the super cool writer dude quoted above!), blogging is a unique and undying breed of online marketing and information output.

Truly BODACIOUS content is at the heart of every blog.  And, in order to put forth the blog of your reader’s dreams, you need to learn a few tricks of the trade.  Because, blogging isn’t going anywhere!  Thus, you must exercise your rite to becoming a blogging ROCKSTAR for your business and future growth.

DO consider the following tips toward becoming a BLOGGING ROCKSTAR:

1- Define a GOAL:

At the epicenter of every great blog is a clear message, or goal.  Assuming you have a growing business, each blog post will communicate a different goal.

Sometimes, you will simply offer helpful niche industry that your clients and competitors might be able to draw from.  Other times, you might even want to muster up a bit of harmless debate.  Time and experience will further lend itself to learning your reader responses and desired content.  By understanding who reads your content, what readers like/don’t like, you can make better judgment calls on producing rockstar content.

2- Do Your Research:

Aside from the fact that sheer plagiarism is penalized stringently by Google, you’re going to lose your credibility if you don’t inform yourself.  So, DO ROCKSTAR RESEARCH!

In addition, people want FRESH content that they haven’t heard rehashed “a-bajillion” times on Google and Twitter!

3- Add Your Rockstar Flavor:

Being 100% unique is pretty much impossible in regard to blogging (or, in general!) …. not to burst your “individuality” bubble.  But, it’s true!  Someone, somewhere, has already said what you want/are going to say and it’s just a reality you have to accept.  EXCEPT, they didn’t say it the way you WILL say it!

This is where you shine!  Dig deep inside your unique writer’s suitcase and pull out your total ROCKSTAR “writer’s voice.”  You have one!  Fact!  And, it’s unlike anyone else’s, which is what is going to make your blog, about the same thing everyone and their mother are blogging about, DIFFERENT!

 4- Be YOU:

Being YOU should incorporate a healthy balance of articulating the ROCKSTAR facts of your business with your ROCKSTAR self.  This tip really resonates with the one above, regarding “writer’s voice.”  When you’re searching in that suitcase for your voice, make sure you pick out YOURS and not someone else’s.

It’s will be pretty obvious to your clients, and even more to you as you desperately attempt writing, when you’re not being true to yourself.  Being YOU allows you to write with more authenticity and fluidity.  And, it makes for a much more enjoyable read.

 5- Don’t Worry About GOOGLE:

We know you want to be number 1 on Google!  And, there’s really nothing wrong with that.  But, blogging is sort of your creative and humanistic outlet for your business.  This is where your clients, competitors, and loyal followers come to find out the facts, minus the stuffy advertising and self-promos!

Your blog is where you can undeniably highlight important information about your ROCKSTAR business, but do so in a conversational, compelling, and approachable manner.  You’re really not going to fool anyone when you’re stuffing your content with more inappropriate keywords than a totally, shameless self-promo.

 6- Lock People In With Rockstar Headlines:

Individuals are more likely to become actual “readers” of your blog, if they are captivated by your ROCKSTAR headline.  Take my headline, for instance.  Had I just titled it, “Tips to Better Blogging,” I would have run the unfortunate risk of boring and alienating an entire breed of readers.  By simply using the subtlety of an unsuspecting word, “ROCKSTAR,” I’ve probably enticed the reader with brief humor at the very least.

These are the kinds of tactics to consider when titling posts.  Don’t just SAY what it is you’re going to say.  Say it with conviction, FLAVOR, and a conservative amount of WIT!

 7- Give Examples Where Examples Are DUE:

It’s pretty irritating, not to mention BORING, when you read about something visual and are offered nothing PRETTY to look at!  Give examples when examples are due!  It’s not to say that you should stuff your blog with irrelevant and haphazard media, but relevant examples are a seemingly attractive touch to an already-interesting, content-based blog post.

For instance, when I wrote a ROCKSTAR blog about logo design, I included high-quality images of the business logos I referenced.  This not only allows the reader to better understand your articulation, but further feeds into the highly stimulating visual marketing frenzy.

 8- Fun, Fun, and MORE FUN:

If it’s boring you to tears to write, what makes you think your readers are going to enjoy it?  An important goal for every blog post should be to HAVE FUN writing it!  Aside from the GENIUS information you’re about to relay, you want to make sure you’re communicating it in a friendly, humorous, sometimes sarcastic, approachable, and creative manner.

The cool thing about the blogosphere is that you are encouraged to be your awesome, ROCKSTAR self.  So take advantage of this, have a little blogging party, and have some FUN!

9- SHOW!  Don’t Just Tell:

We’ve discussed the importance of VISUAL appeal previously in full blog posts before!  This is no joking matter.  USE PHOTOS!!  We are becoming rapidly reliant on truly pristine and unique photojournalism!  Bloggers are, arguably, the individuals whom have jump-started this reliance.  Since individuals can easily capture amazing images themselves, authenticity has become a choice commodity.

Whenever you can use a high-quality visual, you should!  Your readers are already LOOKING for these awesome images, and you will simply make them more enticed to read on.

 10- Be a Rockstar and ASK for MORE:

The goal of your blog should always have some sort of call to action attached to it.  Maybe you want more reader participation.  Maybe you simply want to get the straight facts from clients and loyal customers to learn about what they like/would change about your products or services.  Maybe you just want the reader to use your business in general!!!  Whatever it is, you probably want whoever is reading your blog to make some sort of move.

BE A ROCKSTAR and ASK!  Obviously, you don’t have to be so bold that you are ordering anyone around, but your candor might just be the element that promotes a prospective client to loyal, lifetime customer!

Blogging is a gateway to all of your other business marketing ventures.  If you do it well, by employing these ROCKSTAR tips, it WILL pay off.

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