Think You Don’t Need a Mobile Friendly Website? Think Again.

Think You Don’t Need a Mobile Friendly Website? Think Again.

These days, most business owners are well aware that if you don’t have a website, you may as well be invisible. But if you have a great website that isn’t optimized for mobile, countless customers still won’t be able to find you. Worse yet, they may become frustrated with your site and will look elsewhere for similar products or services. Having a mobile friendly website will improve rankings in search engines and will provide your customers with a more positive experience when they visit your site. If you still aren’t convinced that making your website design mobile-friendly is worth the time and effort, here are just three reasons why you need to optimize immediately:

Google prioritizes mobile friendly websites in search results
The folks over at Google know that a whole lot of people search the internet on their mobile devices. When a site uses images and types of site navigation practices that work well only on desktops and laptops, Google knows that smartphone users aren’t getting the same satisfying experience. Therefore, Google gives a higher priority and legitimacy ranking to sites that are mobile-optimized. It can even penalize your site for not following these procedures by lowering your search ranking. To make sure you show up in Google searches, your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

Non-optimized sites frustrate customers and can make you lose business
In order to keep Google happy, you need to keep your customers happy. When customers are unable to navigate a site on their phones, they’ll quickly give up and look elsewhere. You shouldn’t ignore customers who still search on desktops and laptops, but you do need to give much more consideration to mobile users. Navigation tools need to be easy to use with a larger interface for better visibility. Make sure visuals are not distorted on other devices, and edit your site to include just the essentials. Everything should be streamlined and free of clutter in order to give users a more positive experience overall.

Optimized sites can give you better local web visibility
You might be surprised to know that 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results. That means that most businesses should be targeting those local customers who search on their phones. When you have an optimized site, you won’t be alienating consumers and you’ll be able to reach local customers a whole lot faster. You’ll be more likely to show up in their search results, which means your local web visibility will increase. Many companies rely at least partially on local customers, so this can be a real asset.

If your company doesn’t yet have a mobile friendly website, we can help give your business a boost! For more information about our beneficial marketing and design capabilities, contact us today.

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