How Tech Companies Can Market to Women

How Tech Companies Can Market to Women

Unfortunately, far too many companies truly believe that slapping a pink sign on their product or service is synonymous with marketing to women. And, although pink is an effective color in generating feminine attention, it can often be likened to sexist or stereotypical marketing ploys.

In the website design industry, and many other tech-related industries, online marketing professionals are learning quickly that women are a growing population and one that comprise more than half of all Twitter and Facebook subscribers.  That being said, in conjunction with tech being a male-dominated industry, there is a pressing need to market specifically toward women.

How Can Tech and Web Design Companies Market Successfully to Women?

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Although a female presence is on the rise in the tech industry, it’s safe to say that the playing field is still largely male.  As such, it is within everyone’s best interest to learn more about women, how they use tech, what their lifestyles consist of, what they need from tech products, and the like.

The proof is in the pudding and women are rampantly utilizing social media platforms, which makes marketing directly to them that much more essential.  When companies take the time to learn more about women, their product and brand marketing will naturally compel women to pay attention, and not because of flashy pink fluff.

*Design for Women’s Needs, Not for Stereotypes

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Considering women’s needs regarding a product will not only benefit the women who purchase the product, but all individuals who use the product.  This reality is the result of many factors, including women’s expectations for the relationship they form with a product over time.   As women tend to consider long-term prospects, benefits, uses, and such with a product, a thorough process must be in place when designing for women.  While painting the product pink is not the answer, it would be acceptable so long as the functionality had been considered first.  Learning more about women’s needs will also better facilitate a more effective Search Engine Optimization campaign.

*Consider All Kinds of Women

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In designing for women, it is integral to consider women across a number of playing fields.  The young college athlete is not the middle-aged mother is not the CEO of a firm.  We can all agree that women come in various shapes, sizes, and breeds, which means considering this variety in the design process.  Depending on your niche demographic, your product might be tailored to a narrower scope of women.  However, examination of a wider demographic allows a company to build a product base that satisfies the needs of all genders.  Think of Apple for a moment.  The iPod nano might be great for a college-aged woman, based on a number of different reasons.  Maybe the college-aged, female demographic are on-the-go, prefer hand-held devices, and the like.  However, the iPad’s larger size is the perfect complement for a female demographic that favors a larger window for viewing.

*Let Women Test your Product

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One of the most effective ways to successfully design products for women is to have them be in control of the process.  What do we mean by in control?  Well, test the product out on those women you are marketing toward and see how they respond.  If a particular smartphone has been designed for a man’s hand, and is too large for most women to scroll easily with one finger, the design needs to be re-addressed.  This testing will allow a tech company to physically see responses, hear feedback, and make modifications based on widespread need.

Women are tech users, whether they’re represented as such or not.  And, the priority of all tech companies should be to market toward this fact in an intelligent and effective way.

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