Stop Doing This to your Content

Stop Doing This to your Content

We’ve written countless blogs communicating the importance of epic content and how to get it. But, we’d like to take this opportunity to feature ways on how to avoid content failure.

Rather than tell you what works, we’re going to tell you what doesn’t in the great, big world of content. Because, sometimes, it’s easier to master a given task when you know what doesn’t work.

Stop Doing These Things:

*Drowning in Content

Yes, content is undeniably good for SEO, marketing purposes, and just articulating helpful information. However, you needn’t focus on creating dissertation-length blog posts and writing just for the sake of writing. Contrary to what people are telling you on other blogs, you don’t need to bog your site or social media down with tons of mediocre content.

Perhaps, try to think of your content as a means of truly helping people who want your services. Think of your content in a viral sense:

Quality over Quantity, for sure.

You want to, ideally, imagine your business in a branded sense, as an authority in your industry. In this case, you won’t feel urgency to crank out multiple posts in one day, or even every day, because the quality of your work will speak for itself. And, your following will be authentic as a result.

*Creating a Constructed Image of your Brand

The more you focus on the image of your brand via content, the more self-promotional you appear to followers. And, that, is one way to LOSE followers. Content works best when it is authentic, helpful, and targets a specific niche. So, imagine the ineffective nature of a blog post that has your brand’s image at the center.

Rather than prioritize your marketing strategy all the time, try and focus on genuine content that your potential followers and consumers want. When you take yourself out of the picture and focus on providing information that your followers want, you immediately garner credibility and agency.

*Rely ONLY on Great Content

While great writing has the power to really affect people positively, it is not the only way to acquire marketing prowess. What we’re trying to say is, don’t rely on your content alone to do the work for you, no matter how well written, authentic, and helpful it might be.

Think of your content as a catalyst for bolstering your social media platforms and your website. Scheduling posts on various social media platforms, creating social share plugins, and building authentic relationships with industry leaders are just a few ways to reinforce your awesome content.

This time, instead of focusing on how to do it right, take a minute to focus on what not to do. Sometimes, tackling your content from a different angle just might be the perspective you need to master content marketing all around.

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