Steps to Secure Mobile Marketing for your Business

Steps to Secure Mobile Marketing for your Business

Do you have a mobile device?

If so, do you regularly visit websites on this device?

Sounds almost archaic to ask these questions, right? Chances are pretty great, that most individuals undeniably answered YES to the above questions.

The pervasion of mobile usage has climbed drastically in just the last few years, not to mention the amount of “business-associated” communication that ensues because of this accessibility. As a business, it’s wise to acclimate to the general cultural milieu regarding the ways in which people are communicating, so you can be an innovative big-wig! But even more than that, it’s sort of your priority to acclimate to this cultural milieu to simply stay afloat. With social media, web design, and online marketing, there’s seemingly more to keep track of on a daily basis. And, now, mobile marketing has taken the playing field by storm.

In case you happen to be flustered with how to even begin implementing your mobile marketing campaign, we’ve done the leg work for you! And, if there’s one thing our Long Island, New York website design firm knows a thing or two about, it’s mobile marketing!

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Imagine a prospective client visits your business website on their mobile device. To their sudden dismay, they land on your website which has not been redesigned for smartphone purposes. The screen is way too large! They can’t access all of your links or information! And, worse, they don’t WANT to access it because they’re so irritated!

Okay, so you’re not a web designer or web developer. That’s fine! There are a plethora of easy plugins available on automated systems like GoDaddy or even WordPress. Another option or you is to consider or sites of that nature. Here, you can easily set up your mobile platform, utilizing their savvy information. However, if you are not setting up your mobile accessibility, a web design company can easily do this for you! And, you should definitely consider it!

Submit your Business to Local Listings and Mobile Platforms

Google. Yahoo. Yelp. Merchant Circle. Bing. Manta. Ever heard of them? Yes, we know you certainly have. These search engines possess the authority that individuals want and need when they are looking for a service. By submitting all of your business’s most accurate contact information and products/services that a potential client might need, you are affording yourself an entirely separate online marketing campaign.

What about the social media-centric mobile platforms, like Foursquare and Facebook Places? These check-in hubs reinforce your credibility, as well as allow you to market promotions/coupons, and spread your online presence. And, did we mention that they are HUGE?!?! People are rapidly utilizing the convenience and accessibility of “SoLoMo” (Social, Local, Mobile) platforms, which is why you truly need to get your business invested.

Use, Learn, Understand Mobile Marketing

Managing you mobile marketing campaign is only going to be as effective as your general knowledge of the cultural environment. Try to imagine going to Japan and going about your basic daily life, without any knowledge of the culture? You’d be struggling to say the least. The same can certainly be said for and digital culture that is pervasively taking off.

Go to a restaurant and check in using Foursquare! Get yourself a snazzy new pair of kicks off of Zappos using their app! You’ll be surprised how quickly you acclimate to the environment, how accessible and convenient it is for you and the business, how many lucrative benefits you and the business receive, and how much you LOVE IT! Once you understand the beauty and innovation behind mobile marketing, you’ll be able to strategize the most intelligent mobile marketing campaign for your business.

Deploy a Mobile Marketing Campaign

The reality of mobile ad campaigns is that they truly benefit any kind of business. If, however, your business has a physical location, the mobile ad campaign is certainly for you! Since people are rampantly utilizing mobile platforms that demand check-ins (Foursquare, Facebook Places), your business can now benefit from advertising that reinforces physical locations. By paying for ads on the search engines, your business will pop up when an individual searches for relevant establishments.

Mobile ad campaigns are also excellent in that they can be tailored to your budget and business needs. Whether you’re looking to deploy a cost-per-click campaign or cost-per-acquisition campaign, the right strategy can be easily instated based on a little research.

Implement QR Codes for your Mobile Campaign

QR Codes are one of the hottest, not to mention most convenient, forms of advertising right now. With the simple scan of a smartphone, a client will immediately be redirected to your business’s website, special offers, promotions, or any other unique content you may wish to share. One of the most attractive things about QR Codes is that they feed into our culture’s desire for immediate and relevant information. When a client wants to know more about your company, all they have to do is whip out their smartphone and scan the code. The marketing possibilities are truly infinite for your business, with this innovative mobile solution.

The reality of mobile media is that it is here, growing quickly, and proving to make business communication and growth more effective. The current state of mobile marketing allows us to pretty much conduct all of our social networking, email advertising, and traditional search queries, except now we can do them “on the go!” And, you can anticipate that this mobile innovation will only grow in regard to the ability, accessibility, and convenience for users in the future.

So, much like your records, 8-tracks, and CD’s, you might want to save your PC for a rainy day and step it up with mobile marketing on your smartphone! Because, the nature of the digital business world is certainly demanding that you do so!

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