Why You Should Start a Business in 2014

Why You Should Start a Business in 2014

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that 2014 will continue to be rampant with more digitally-centric business.  The growing reliance on all things digital has allowed for incredible things like immediate customer service, mobile access, and various entrepreneurial endeavors that might otherwise remain locked away.

With the luxuries of digital media comes a push for entrepreneurs, startups, and growing businesses of all kinds.  And, the term “business” needn’t overwhelm you.  That’s because the concepts of simply blogging and building a website have the power to generate substantial and successful incomes, if you know how to market properly.

And, that is also why building a business in 2014 would be an ideal thing to do.  Here’s why:

*The Luxury of Freedom:

While going to the office Monday through Friday might very well be beneficial to some folks, you don’t have to be tied to the confines of an actual office or even conventional means of “work.”

Controlling your own path, business, and system is a huge freedom that so many of us want in the work world, and think we can’t or won’t ever acquire.  Being your own boss is not something of the future anymore.  It is a reality for many and proves to be more effective, now with the advent of various technologies, than ever before.


For many, one of the most attractive aspects of business and success is the adventure and journey associated.  In this case, creating a unique experience is what will generate a means for success.  Building your own business allows you to create these experiences, seeing as you’re managing your own time, means of output, and individuals who help you along the ride.


Maybe freedom and experience are important to you, but your motivation is really with regard to reaching and impacting other individuals.  In essence, you want to reach as many people as you can, and as many people who are willing to help you grow your mission.

Most individuals who thrive off of influence would attest to wanting to make their mission public.  If your work can’t be seen by anyone, then you can’t know how your business is affecting them and how to change that. 

safekeeping Building a brand is also a terrific way of ensuring security for you, your family, your business, and other monetary priorities.  While nothing in the business world is certain, there is something freeing about the notion of building your own business, controlling your own team, and hopefully providing the kind of monetary security that you need.

For many, the notion of security and safeguarding is integral to building a business.  For those individuals, it is perhaps this security of knowing that their families are well protected aiding as a more lucrative and enticing aspect of creating a business at all.


One desire we all possess at some point or another is to feel like who we are or what we do matters.  Feeling this relative importance is at the core for many, if not all, business owners and entrepreneurs.  If you have a vision, you more than likely entertain it or believe in it because you think and hope that others will in return.

It is this very hope for the concern and validation of others that makes building a business so attractive.  Even beyond business, we all strive to lead lives that are meaningful, successful, and above all important. 

The above five commodities might seem rudimentary to the innovative business world that continues to grow, but it is the simplicity of most things in life that makes them so attractive and successful.  

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