Spotting a Social Media Faux Pas

Spotting a Social Media Faux Pas

Since the inception of Facebook and Twitter, we’ve seen a smorgasbord of brand FAILS.  Regardless of whether it’s the result of poor moral conduct, a customer service “NO-NO,” or sheer inadvertency, social media customers are often an unforgiving bunch.  With the rise in brand presence on the growing social media landscape, it’s only normal that the online marketing fails are more abundant with time.

In an attempt to lessen these social media fails, our Hauppauge web design firm has compiled a list of some of the more dangerous blunders of social media past and how to avoid them:

*Always upload a profile picture

profile pic USE THIS

Failing to upload a profile image basically translates to your customers that you don’t care.  At best, it reinforces your brand image and attracts niche customers to engage and utilize your services.  Most individuals will attest to the fact that they’re less likely to consider a business who failed to upload a profile picture on their social media platform.  Further, if you are considered, your credibility is at a minimum.  Social media is all about showcasing who you are in a friendly, approachable manner.  So, don’t fall short on a profile picture on any platform.

*Don’t always (or ever) bite back

don't always or ever bite back

There are going to be haters and naysayers in any public forum, and social media is no different.  However, this is not the space to challenge said naysayer to a public, online debate.  Whatever you do, don’t take it upon yourself to use free will with expletives, insults, and the like.  Always remember that you are not going to please everyone and that your discussions are public.  In times of intense brand hating, the best thing to do is subtly disengage.  There will be another community blowup that doesn’t involve your brand faster than you can even digest the first one.


*Think about your social media hashtags


Trending hashtags can be an excellent way of joining a conversation, specifically on Twitter.  However, if you’re trying to pioneer an innovative new hashtag trend, be sure to use your discretion.  Sometimes, a hashtag might seem like it demands positive feedback, but it can often muster up political rebuke.  One of the more prevalent examples of this was when McDonald’s launched #McDStories.  They thought they’d receive accolades for their brand, coupled with photos documenting food and fun.  Alternatively, the Twitter community took it upon itself to insult the fast food chain, offering up various displays of humor, sarcasm, and media tied to this hashtag.  McDonald’s failed to truly investigate the viral nature of the hashtag with its negative connotations.



Arguably one of the biggest social media blunders your business could commit would be absence on social media altogether.  It should be stated that not all businesses are designed to flourish on every social media platform.  However, blatant absence from all would be a major disservice to online marketing, customer engagement, and building a professional network.  At the end of the day, your business can surely market itself on one and discover an entirely new demographic.

Blunders are inevitable in the highly pervasive landscape that is social media.  Try and let these misdoings teach you something about your own business and how you might go about them more intelligently.

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