How Social Media Management Fits Into Online Marketing

How Social Media Management Fits Into Online Marketing

social media managementWhen a business tries to increase its visibility on the web, the first impulse is usually to go for the heavy hitters: pay per click advertising and content marketing for search engine optimization. Ninety-two percent of web marketing professionals consider content creation “very” or “somewhat” effective for SEO campaigns, and most marketers typically spend a quarter of their marketing budget on content marketing.

Search engines are right up there with email use for the two most popular internet activities, so it makes sense to aim for the front page of Google using these tactics. However, focusing on stats-driven tactics alone means neglecting one of the best weapons in your marketing arsenal: social media management.

SEO can make sure people find your web page, but social media management can make sure people find your company. A likable, helpful and approachable presence on social media reflects positively on the practices of your company, reminding potential customers of the people behind the brand.

If clients already have an opinion about your company, it won’t change just because you’re on the front page of every search engine. Social media management can shape the way your customers see you. You can use your social media platform to remind customers and clients that you’ve got their back, offering social media-exclusive deals and promotions.

You can also respond to any complaints, turning potentially negative experiences into positive ones. This can keep negative reviews from making it to ratings sites and damaging your reputation. Social media can be used to supplement customer services, giving consumers a place to have their grievances addressed in a quick and personable manner.

Social media managers often have to find a middle ground between comedian, customer service representative and marketing professional. If you need to enhance your social media presence but you have a company to run, it’s probably a task best-suited to a specific employee or a section of your marketing team.

Social media is the best way to portray a positive corporate identity while generating a loyal customer base.

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