Simple Social Media Tools that Really WORK

Simple Social Media Tools that Really WORK

Most businesses are fully aware of the power that social media has upon growth and online presence.  However, few have the patience to proactively go about executing an online marketing plan that really works.  Before we can actually execute a strong marketing plan, it should be understood and accepted that social media success will not occur overnight, nor will it redeem an unfair or faulty product/service.

Now that you’re willing to put some work into your social media marketing strategy, let’s consider some tools that really work.  What you’ll be pleased to know is that all of the following social media tools are quite simple to execute and will undeniably impact your campaign for the better:

LISTEN to followers

Just like in the ‘real’ world, people on social media like to feel that they are being listened to.  Show your fans, followers, and prospective clients that you care by hearing them out. One of the biggest fails a brand can commit on social media is to merely talk AT people.  Figure out who your target demographic is and listen to them proactively.  This will provide you with the exact ingredients for content that your fans want and need.  In addition, you’ll be regarded as a thoughtful and approachable brand.  Who doesn’t want that?


Don’t be selective with those individuals you choose to respond to.  Be a champ and respond to ALL people.  Regardless of whether the correspondence is in regard to a question, compliment, or complaint, your brand is putting itself out there to serve the customer with great service.  If someone is taking the time to visit your page, you owe it to them to respond respectfully and in a timely manner.  Plus, your generous communication will only show that you’re attentive to your customers.

Don’t SELL

Although it might seems ludicrous to tell you not to sell your brand when you’re engaging in a marketing strategy, this tool should be exercised with rigidity.  Social media has staked its claim as a personal, emotionally-driven force.  So, to throw your brand at people without executing a personal touch is not a great idea.  By all means, tell people about your brand, but do so with an anecdote that targets the core of your fans/followers.  Not only will individuals retain your brand more readily by connecting with it, but also be that much more likely to share your story and demonstrate loyalty.

Stay True to Your Brand

Genuine and authentic qualities are among some of the most admirable to possess.  In regard to your business and its social media presence, this most certainly holds water as well.  Don’t feel the need to use elevated language to impress people.  Just simply be yourself and people will immediately respect you for your forthright honesty.  Your authenticity is not only appreciated, but will undoubtedly allow for a more unique and approachable social media platform.

Advertise Meaningfully

While we might have previously instructed you not to sell on social media, we certainly will endorse meaningful advertising.  When you do take it upon yourself to offer advertising to your fans and followers, make sure you don’t waste your time or your money and target the right people.  Whether you’re targeting your ads toward only those who have already “liked” your brand, or targeting individuals based on job title or location, you have the power to make a most influential presence.  So, rather than disturb those who aren’t even interested in your brand with boring and self-promoting content, go about this in a meaningful and proactive way.

Throw Freebies

When we say freebies, we don’t necessarily mean physical objects. Donating helpful content in every respect is one way of offering priceless material to your fans and followers.  If you’re a web design company, for instance, you might consider offering a list of resourceful ways to help businesses increase their online presence.  These kinds of real-life, effective, and expert tips are things that people will truly value.  Helpful information will always be appreciated by loyal fans, regardless of the industry you serve.

Be Appreciative

A “please” and “thank you” go a long way in life, and that rings true on social media as well.  People will be sensitive to your kind consideration of their thoughts and inquiries, and showing your appreciation is a pretty simple tool to execute.  Whether you’re regularly thanking customers for liking your brand, or even going out of your way to feature a special thank you post regarding a supremely loyal client, you can never OVER-appreciate.

These tools are simple, tried, and true.  They work and if you’re looking to deploy a successful social media campaign, start here.

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