SEO Strategies That Will Remain Relevant in 2015

SEO Strategies That Will Remain Relevant in 2015

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Professional search engine optimization services are constantly forced to adapt new tactics to build online presences for their various clients.

Google, which owns 65-70% of the worldwide search engine market, is constantly upgrading its algorithms to keep professional search engine optimization services from gaming the system.

Though search engine use is one of the top two most popular internet activities worldwide, attention spans are shrinking, and 75% of internet users won’t scroll past the first page of search results. Meanwhile, mobile and voice search are changing the way people use search engines.

Even though professional search engine optimization services and internet marketing providers should keep an ear to the ground for changes like this, there are still a few SEO tactics that should remain consistent going into 2015.

Longer and more specific keywords will continue to be more effective as Hummingbird focuses Google results on finding answers to queries rather than matching keywords. Keywords like “locksmith” won’t cut it anymore. You want keywords that are conversational, like “locksmith that works overnight” or “same day locksmith services,” and so on. Creating educational content is a great way to integrate these keywords naturally.

Cleaning up your website’s URL structure will also retain its importance, since search engine crawlers will still have trouble categorizing longer URLs without keywords. Static URLs will retain their effectiveness over dynamic URLs, and broken links and errors will still damage search engine rankings.

You should also consider switching to secure encryption. Google announced earlier this year that HTTPS websites would generally rank higher, since transferred data is more protected. The weight of this ranking is only likely to increase over time, so upgrading soon might not be a bad idea.

The year 2014 was a time to focus on quality over quantity when it came to links, and 2015 will be no different. Put in the extra work to gain links that go through editorial review or feature co-citations. The more reputable the link, the higher the search ranking.

Though these things are remaining the same, many search tactics will change, so make sure your SEO plan has room for flexibility.

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