SEO Isn’t That Mysterious Once You Break it Down

SEO Isn’t That Mysterious Once You Break it Down

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It’s easy to feel like SEO is that dreaded task you put off until “the day after tomorrow,” because you’re not sure how to handle it — and you’re fairly sure you’re going to mess it up. On top of that, many companies tend to see SEO as something that they should likely get around to sooner or later — rather than something that should be immediately prioritized.

SEO, or search engine optimization, does have an air of uncertainty about it — but for the most part it’s not as mysterious as it looks once you break down the various methodologies, and realize that there are statistics to back it up.

Where users click is one important statistic. A full 70% never click on paid links, instead preferring the organic links that come up in search results. It’s also cost effective — organic searches have an average close rate of almost 15%, while more traditional outbound leads have about a 2% close rate.

Further Benefits of SEO
One benefit of SEO is that engaging in it often helps to strengthen your overall business plan. Many companies — especially startups and small businesses that haven’t done much marketing before — don’t realize until they talk to an SEO marketing company that their message is scattered, that they aren’t concentrating on relevant keywords in their online materials, or that their website is missing essential components that’ll make it more appealing to consumers and search engines alike. For example, loading time is important. Google likes pages that load fast, as do viewers. You can lose half your audience simply by having a load time longer than four seconds.

What Do the Modern Benefits of SEO Look Like?
About 10 years ago, it was common to click on a link in Google, only to be brought to a page that was nothing but keywords. It was a blatant way around Google’s algorithms. Today, keywords have to be organically incorporated into content or websites will never find themselves on page one results. And it’s important to be at the top, considering 60% of online users research products online.

Modern SEO is comprised of quality link building, and content generation. Although Google decides website rankings based on a wide variety of data, two important components are what sort of links are leading to a page, and what sort of information is available on the page itself. So if you have a great, informative page and a reputable website like the New York Times links to it, your rank will shoot up. While most companies won’t get in the nation’s top paper, a quality SEO company avoids cheap Russian links that don’t have much lasting power.

There are numerous benefits of SEO. Ultimately, SEO is the right choice for your business if you want to ensure a strong online presence.

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