The ROCKSTAR Benefits of Public Speaking for your Brand

The ROCKSTAR Benefits of Public Speaking for your Brand

As a predominantly digital-based business, our Long Island, New York website design company focuses marketing efforts, well, digitally! And, while the digital culture insists on this form of online reputation management, there’s a lot to be said for the likes of traditional marketing tactics to bolster innovative ones!

Public Speaking!

Factually proven to be more feared than death, public speaking is also an incredibly powerful, effective, and invigorating experience. As we continue to increasingly demonstrate digital communication in both work and recreational life, the notion of public speaking is becoming the means of bridging the gaps between digitally-constructed relationships. You might conduct the finest branding for your business online! But, at the end of the day, it really is about the face-to-face connections that you make.

On Top Visibility regularly attends and hosts events that cater to this concept of public communication. Whether we are going to conferences, workshops, or hosting gala events for our own clients, we create a real-life means to connect, share, and market our brand expertise. Public speaking might, in fact, be feared! However, this fear most likely resides within the incredible power and success that could potentially arise from a seamless demonstration.


1-Be Regarded as an Authority in your Industry

Posit yourself as the expert that you are in your community! You might be the Albert Einstein of website design, but unless you are a MEGA brand, or sharing this information strategically, people are probably unaware of your expertise. Events where like-minded individuals are present pose the perfect environment to share your wealth of knowledge and experience, through ROCKSTAR public speaking.

2- Strengthen your Expertise and Network

Even the most knowledgeable of experts can benefit from constructive criticism, commentary, and alternative viewpoints. By attending an event and sharing your expertise, you also open yourself up to the luxury of external insight on your area of study. Open yourself up to learn about your niche, as well as inform. And, this is all made possible by engaging with other really intelligent and fascinating individuals. Forming real-life relationships is the best thing that can come out of attendance, whereby continuity of your established connection can be reinforced in the digital sense as well.

3- Leverage Business Presence Digitally and Physically

While attending an event and networking in person is obviously incredible exposure, the event itself will also become a fantastic means of digital exposure when you return home. Take video, create a slideshow, or write a blog post about your time spent at the conference. Then share this on all of your social media platforms and reach a significantly larger audience than the event allowed for. Plus, you’ll gain some street cred and industry chops by being present and thriving at such an esteemed event.


So, your web design firm isn’t being asked left and right to speak at top expos and conferences! That’s fine. In order to get the formal invite, you need to pay your dues and it’s really not that hard. It simply demands tackling your expertise and sharing it online with heart and honesty.

1- Understand Your Expertise and How You Would Share Your Knowledge Publicly

Being an authority in a specific niche, and knowing how to articulate that expertise in a captivating manner, are two entirely different breeds. And, you might quickly realize this as you sit down to prepare your presentation! It’s not to say that you’re not credible to be sharing your knowledge, but figuring out how and what to share is the ultimate challenge. The best way to go about understanding your most trusted expertise is to finely focus your area of study. By generalizing, you run the risk of muddying your knowledge with overly extended information and lack of cohesion. You should ideally offer your most intricate expertise, as opposed to a generic, hackneyed lecture on a subject you can’t excel at.

2- Go to the Events You Would Like to Present At

One of the best ways to become a reputable source of knowledge in your industry is to attend events, regardless of whether you’re presenting or not. Your mere presence is enough to make legitimate connections, posit yourself, engage other attendees, and hopefully score an invite to another event. Digital is the ‘the THING!’ We know this! But, the fact is that individuals prioritize other people they actually KNOW.


Although there’s been a great deal of discussion regarding its recent effectiveness, blogging is an excellent tool for positing oneself as an expert. Some of the most pervasive food bloggers are making entire careers and extended careers out of their following, knowledge, and blogging accolades within the community. A little passion, habitual attention to your blog, and slowly growing following can take your expertise to the next level if your truly focus. If you continue to simply care, excel, and regularly share information regarding your expertise, you will be regarded as an authority by an increasingly growing audience by default. People know good content when they see it and, if it gets shared enough, your opportunities will grow as well.

4- Take ACTION!

At our Long Island, New York website design company, we discuss the concept of authenticity a great deal. In regard to audience appreciation and overall success, the most fundamental element you can/should employ is authenticity in your product. Take Action! Produce your work with honesty and, above all, authenticity and the followers will emerge. As mentioned before, people know good content/product when they see it. It’s the reason Apple, Nike, and Starbucks are alive and thriving. Those empires didn’t have to do too much convincing to attract the cult following that ensued. Of course branding and strategic marketing are good and well, but if your product lacks, you won’t fool anyone! So, make good things and people will notice.

Public speaking is a valuable asset to any company, both digitally and physically. Public events allow businesses (especially the predominantly digital ones) to create a real voice and establish a real face for the brand represented. Use your expertise as a means to facilitate your voice publicly, and your opportunities will largely emerge.

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