Reasons to Beware the SEO Guarantee

Reasons to Beware the SEO Guarantee

Professional search engine optimization services can be expensive, so if you’re using SEO to help your business grow, it’s understandable to want some kind of guarantee that your effort will pay off.

Unfortunately, the types of internet marketing firms that offer SEO guarantees that seem too good to be true are exactly the ones you should stay away from. Companies with SEO guarantees either don’t know how SEO works or are trying to lure you in with false promises.

SEO is not an easy or straightforward service to perform. It involves a variety of components all working in tandem to boost your visibility on the web, and even when the whole process is running smoothly, it still doesn’t guarantee success.

You may have people on keyword research, monitoring what keywords you can rank on and targeting keywords where you have a chance of making the Google front page, but your competitors are doing the same thing. This means that staying on top is a continuous process, not a race to the finish line.

You also probably have content marketers creating things like blog posts, which give websites 97% more indexed links and 434% more indexed pages. To keep up with updated search engine algorithms, these blog posts have to be relevant and informative, not just jumbles of keywords, so this process can take time.

On top of that you may be running PPC and link building campaigns, all of which contribute to your SEO strategy. But if Google (which owns 65-70% of the entire search engine market) releases an unexpected update, your plan may be back to square one.

Even without any complications, SEO can take several months before you see any results. It takes time for search engine crawlers to find and index your website, and it takes time for that to reflect in your rankings.

At a time when search engine use is up there with email use for the two most popular internet activities across the world, it’s understandable to want to know exactly when you’ll hit the front page of Google. But SEO guarantees are rarely possible, and you should be wary of companies that offer them.

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