The Power of Video on your Marketing Campaign

The Power of Video on your Marketing Campaign

Scroll through your Facebook feed and you’ll be bombarded with videos of all kinds.  From TED talks, viral Vine footage, and personal iPhone uploads, videos are becoming as rampantly pervasive on the Internet as photos, and arguably more.  And, while videos are great for personal entertainment value, businesses have quickly caught on to using them as an effective marketing strategy.

At our Hauppauge website design company, we are always implementing video within our marketing campaigns for our clients.  Whether they get published on our social media marketing platforms or for SEO purposes, we strongly believe in the power of video on your marketing campaign.  Here’s why:

Visual Marketing

visual marketing

We’ve had a great deal of discussion on the concept of visual marketing.  It’s no surprise that photos reign supreme in regard to text-related content.  It’s just a fact.  Aside from the fact that photos possess a more intrinsically human quality, they are also easier to digest.  Essentially, your eyes are simply going to be more attracted to photos over text while scrolling through your Facebook feed.  Whether it’s a loud, neon meme, high-res image of a beautiful person, or adorable puppy, it’s harder to turn your back on this visually-centric content.

Videos play directly into the same visual stimulus that photos project.  While less immediate in their completion, videos still generate that same humanistic approachability that photos do over text.  There really is some truth to the old phrase, “Seeing is believing,” when videos can dictate a very specific form of evidence on one’s marketing campaign.

People Like People

people like people

Contrary to what some individuals attest, people really do like other people.  And while our mobile technology can sometimes provoke an introverted world, we humans long to connect with others.  However, since these digital devices are so prevalent and not going away anytime soon, videos afford the “manufactured human connection” that we are seemingly missing in the physical world.

People are more receptive of being talked to, not talked at.  That is why videos are making it easier for businesses to effectively market themselves.  It’s a fact that individuals are more likely to like, comment, and share posts possessing videos before other posts on social media platforms.  While videos are the tool that can help businesses facilitate marketing success, one can’t simply slap a video up on a Facebook feed and hope for the best.  They should be well thought out and generate user engagement.

Video Breeds Creativity & Edge

video breeds creativity

When it comes to video content, it is critical to attain a sense of originality.  Without an immediate or purposeful edge, it is likely that viewers will click away from your video without even getting to the punchline.   This creativity and edge is certainly not reserved for personal videos.  There are many more compelling ways to integrating videos into a business marketing strategy, on top of tutorials and ads.  For instance, Under Armour embarked on a campaign called What’s Beautiful, featuring female athletes that went outside their comfort zone.  They documented real-life, female athletes (donning the Under Armour garb, of course!) in compelling videos and photos.

Videos are so effective because they can be tailored for consumers and website visitors.  However, they can also be used as a means to bolster credibility in your industry, gain the support of authorities in your industry, and create internal success for your business.  Videos are a marketing gem and utilizing them for your brand, in all of their glorious versatility, would be wise.

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