The Power of Pinterest: Another Viral Marketing Tool for Your Business

The Power of Pinterest: Another Viral Marketing Tool for Your Business

Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest…oh my!!!!

Move over Facebook!  Another rampantly popular social media site has surfaced and it’s “pinning” its way to the top.

What IS Pinterest?

In a world where society has become more visually-centric and immediacy-demanding, Pinterest is a Golden Goose.  The fairly young social bookmarking site lends itself to the idea of the digital pin board.  Much like our forefathers and mothers used to physically “pin” remnants of interest to wooden boards in their kitchens, Pinterest functions as the digital version of said act.

Individuals can literally “pin” (as the jargon asserts) their favorite photos, recipes, and the like to their digital pin boards.  Further, they can conveniently and neatly organize the boards according to relevant categories, making a mockery of the mayhem that ensued way back when in the physical world.  With the mere click of a “pin” button, an infinite amount of blog and website delights can be bookmarked for your convenience.

The physical world is seemingly “full” in regard to space.  Further, we are a VISUAL people.  And, we want our visual eye candy YESTERDAY.  This makes for a lucrative future for the Pinterest lifespan.

Take a look at the the following picture.  Looks pretty darn DELICIOUS, huh?  Makes you want to look a little further into visiting the bakery that made them.

Making your business Pinterest account appear as “delicious” as possible, is the most strategic way to implement a viral marketing campaign.

The relative success and convenience that Pinterest has had within the personal lives of individuals, is a sheer testament of how it can help leverage a marketing campaign.

So, what of Pinterest’s affect on the world of business???

 How Can a Business Use Pinterest to Leverage Online Marketing?

Well, the cool thing about Pinterest is that it’s super easy to use.  No matter what industry of business you reside, the process is always the same:  Put forth VISUALLY captivating IMAGES that represent your company.  The tricky part is that not all businesses or industries are created equal.  While it’s seemingly obvious to imagine the viral nature of photo marketing for a deliciously decadent bakery, it might not be quite as easy for a legal office.

Consider the following tips:

*Build an “ARTSY” presence:

Whether you’re a web design company, bakery, or teacher, the Pinterest culture demands an artistic presence.  Build a business profile that reinforces the general milieu of this landscape.

*Use YOUR copyrighted images & YOUR Product:

The nature of Pinterest welcomes authenticity in the visual form.  Snapping “real” and professional images is easy with digital products nowadays.  Followers will respect your legitimacy and there’s no better way to truly lock down clients than by showing them your very best product.

*Pin Socially:

This is a SOCIAL network after all.  Use the same social codes of marketing ethic on Pinterest, as you would on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like.  The more you “Pin” and “Re-pin” with credit, while building genuine relationships, the better the following you will attain.

*Pin the GOODS:

As a business, you are eligible to share photos and videos, which point back to other sources.  Use this as a means of online marketing for your web design, site content, and various other products/services you wish to display.  You can choose to share and redirect visitors right back to the very source of what they’re looking for – your website and your services!

*Sharing is Caring:

In the realm of social media, it truly is!  The process of sharing other’s content is a true display of loyalty to followers.  By reciprocating and paying it forward, so to speak, you will essentially be paying it forward to yourself!

*Play the “GAME” with Search Engines:

Implementing a web savvy Pinterest is easy.  Google loves when you reinforce your content cross other social media platforms.  Use your freshest content!  Use your Twitter hashtags!  But, always ALWAYS be intelligent about it – Use the images that are destined to go viral and back it up with SHARP language that people WANT to read (because you KNOW people don’t have time to read anymore!).

*Keep your “PIN” Tool in Your Toolbox at ALL Times:

…Your digital toolbox that is.  USE your most prized possession to market your business online: YOUR PHONE.  Download the Pinterest APP and allow for immediate and instant “Pinning” at all times.

*Check Out Your Competition:

This is truly the best way to evaluate your business campaign!  See what works for your biggest competitors and what doesn’t.  Doing what works for your competitors is not copying; it’s called playing the social media game.  You need to do what’s best for your company: posting specific photos/content at specific times, toward specific individuals, and making relationships with specific people.  That is social media marketing at its simplest.

It would be in your best interest, regardless of your business industry, to initiate a Pinterest campaign.  Continue marketing your business online via this viral network, reinforce your website, your other social media networking campaigns, and generate your target audience by “PINNING!!!”

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