OTV Welcomes Jim Leyritz aboard the Team

OTV Welcomes Jim Leyritz aboard the Team

It’s an honor to welcome former MLB Yankee catcher, and two-time World Series Champion Jim Leyritz, aboard the team at OTV. This exciting venture allows Jim to wear many hats at OTV, specifically taking on the role as the Director of Marketing and New Business Development.

For those who might be unfamiliar with what an asset Jim is to the team at OTV, we would like to tell you about his prestigious baseball career and charitable heart.

Throughout his successful career with the New York Yankees (1990-1996, 1999-2000), Jim Leyritz has been honored with the reputation for significantly leveraging the momentum of several series’ by hitting frequent postseason home runs. He was nicknamed ‘The King,” after a three-run home run off of Mark Wohlers in the 8th inning of the 1996 World Series. In 1999, Leyritz aided in another heroic triumph, when he hit a home run in the 8th inning of the 4th game of the World Series. It’s safe to say that Leyritz is not only deemed as a striking asset to OTV, but in many facets of his lucrative career.

Aside from his remarkable accolades on the field as a World Series Champion, Leyritz is heavily involved in donating his time and resources to various charities. Both the Jorge Posada Foundation (a charity assisting children with Craniosynostosis) and ALS Association (a charity aiding Lou Gehrig ’s Disease) are fortunate to receive the wealth of his compassion. Specifically concerned with charitable causes aiding children, it was no surprise when Jim initiated Home Run for Hope in 2011. This charity is tailored to empowering and rejuvenating children whose parents have been taken through tragedy. On top of all of his outside generosity within the community, Jim is the proud and committed father of three sons.

The experience that Jim has acquired through his valuable career leads him to his most recent Director of Marketing and New Business Development role at OTV. In a short amount of time, Jim has already leveraged the reach of our full-service B2B marketing company. Opening and managing a west coast office in California, Jim has allowed OTV to proudly boast national provisions of expert online marketing and web design services.

At OTV, we have always believed in our product. However, the collaborative merge that we have made with Jim Leyritz, only affirms the future growth and success that we will build this company on together.

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