What You Need to STOP Doing on your Blog

What You Need to STOP Doing on your Blog

The blogosphere is infiltrated with more blogging “don’ts” and “faux pas” than an episode of Fashion Police with Joan Rivers! But, unless you’re NOT noticing these “no-no’s,” you’re probably doing them yourself! Yikes! Let’s change that NOW.

Now that we’ve painstakingly analyzed what your blog needs in order to become a proper ROCKSTAR, we need to shed light on what NOT to do!

So, take a CLOSE gander at the following actions that need to STOP in the blogosphere::::::::::

1- Stop ONLY Speaking – SHOW:

We really can’t stress this one enough, which is why it made it as number 1 on the list. Just because blogs are traditionally understood to be content-based, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t “keep up with the Jones’s” and implement a visual medium.

The digital world is VISUALLY mad right now with Pinterest, Instagram, and the like. Yes, that even applies to your blog. And, your blog is the best place to do what you want with images, since it’s your business and you know it best! Bottom line, readers are clicking away from your site if you DON’T employ graphics, videos, and various media where media is due.

2- STOP saying clichés:

“Thinking outside the box…”

“Give 110%”

“Win-win situation”

Aside from the fact that most clichéd phrases don’t even really make sense, they don’t demonstrate legitimate “thinking outside the box!!!!”

Making use of the royally ridiculous clichés is the fastest way to debunk credibility.

3- STOP “Free writing” Without Clear Goals:

While blogs are understood to be informal in nature, it doesn’t mean that content can/should be ridden with grammatical mayhem and conflating, confounding thoughts. Just because you “CAN” blog, doesn’t mean you have the agency to vomit on your CMS platform with irrelevant, incoherent fluff. THINK about the GOAL that every blog should have, and formulate your post like a mini, informal essay.

Don’t think of your blog as a “free-write” or journal rambling, but rather a cohesive, thoughtful conversation with a friend. You want your blog to read with the fluidity and enjoyment of a truly awesome conversation. After all, this is your business and you should treat the information output with care.

4- STOP Being a COPYCAT:

Aside from destroying your own peace of mind and running the risks of hefty Google penalties, stealing content is a serious NO-NO! Even informally ripping someone’s ideas is considered plagiarism. And, there are some pretty hideously stringent repercussions for language theft on the Internet, specifically targeting your online business authority/online reputation.

However (and there is a ‘however’), you don’t need to grow frantic over communicating a concept that is frequently discussed. In fact, you might even get ideas from your actual competitors! The turning point is HOW you go about re-communicating those ideas. This is where you pull out that snazzy “writer’s voice” and attack the goal from an innovative point of view.

As we’ve mentioned previously, it’s next to impossible to be entirely UNIQUE regarding ANY piece of information. Someone has definitely cut you to the chase with your ROCKSTAR blog idea, whether you know it/like it or not.

5- STOP Being Afraid to Fail:

Even Muhammad Ali, arguably the greatest fighter of all time, wasn’t afraid of failure. Thus, you shouldn’t let your blog get you down.

Being bold and speaking honestly are two of the most important ingredients in attaining blogging success. In fact, mustering up some subtle, controversial discourse has proven to draw increased traffic to blogs.

6- STOP Hibernating in Social Media Land:

It’s undeniable that social media is “the THING” right now. However, have you ever heard that it’s not the greatest idea to “throw all your eggs in one basket? (…speaking of cliches!!!!)” Well, get your head out of Facebook and Twitter for a minute and focus on your blog. Just like anything in life, relying too heavily on one thing becomes a dangerous, risky behavior.

Social media is hot right now, but foregoing or even ignoring your business’s blog is equally destructive. Your blog is an entirely different form of marketing, compared to your social media sites, which should make it that much more enticing to jumpstart your blogging campaign. Your blog could ONLY help your already-thriving social media campaigns. So, stop being so hung up on Facebook and Twitter (though they are attractive!), and consider another addition to your online marketing family!

7- STOP Broadcasting ALL of your thoughts:

Again, your blog should NOT be your journal for rash and incoherent ramblings. Should you feel the need to vocalize all of your thoughts, write them privately and then use your “blog filter” to only publish the thoughts that benefit your business.

THIS last strategy is probably the reason blogging gets a bad rep at all! Far too many individuals USE their blogging platform as a vast wasteland of verbal “fluff.” Each and every blog post should clearly define a goal, possess ROCKSTAR information, readily communicate that ROCKSTAR information in a compelling and creative fashion, and generate a call to action from readers.

It’s pretty easy to fall trap to the blogging “don’ts” when they’re masked under the guise of a falsely positive tactic – especially when countless bloggers are employing these bad habits rampantly. As a blogger for a Long Island, New York web design and online marketing company, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years.

Dare to be different and USE these tips regarding what not to do! And, DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL (ahem, Tip #5!!!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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