Why You Need Responsive Web Design

Why You Need Responsive Web Design

Take a minute to think about your Internet use.  Most of us spend a significant amount of time surfing the Internet for news, creeping on social media, or visiting favorite blogs while we’re commuting, sitting on the couch at home, lying in bed, and the like.  And, what’s more, we’re doing all of this on our mobile phones.

One of the fastest ways to deter a potential customer away from your business is by failing to design your website for a device other than a computer.  When you force your visitors to have zoom in, enlarge the image, shrink it, zoom out, and lose patience all the while, you’re that much closer to losing that customer. That is why your website needs responsive design, which will look great whether your viewers are using a computer, phone, tablet, or desktop.

Why Should You Care?

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The fact that folks are more likely to visit your website on their phones and tablets than computers should compel you to design your site seamlessly for mobile.  Their attention spans are short, and quickly growing shorter.  If your website fails to address the need for immediate, convenient, and user-friendly content, you’re only hurting your marketing strategies.

In case you needed another reason why you should care, here’s one: everyone else does.  Now, in general, it’s nice to be an individual, carve your own path, and not care what everyone else is doing or saying.  However, in the case of your business and marketing, you really do need to keep up with the Joneses.

Is Responsive Design Expensive?


Designing a responsive website can range anywhere from a few hundred bucks to a few grand, depending on the sophistication and size of your site.  While these numbers might seem pretty open-ended and somewhat overwhelming, your website is one of the most powerful extensions of your business, if not your ACTUAL business.  Thus, investing money into your website is only serving your ultimate prosperity.

Mobile is the Future

mobile future

The fact that our reliance of mobile activity is growing habitually lends itself to a future rich in mobile marketing.  Responsive web design is not only important, but it’s our future as well.  People will be holding tighter to their mobile devices, so long as they keep becoming more and more sophisticated.  And with these mobile changes demands a fresh responsive design, to keep the customer satisfied.

Your website visitors are your clients, but they’re also your economic prosperity.  You’re in the business of customer service, whether you believe it or not.  So, if you have a website, you best serve your customer’s needs and design a seamless site for their viewing pleasure.


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