Why You Need to Enforce a Visual Marketing Campaign Now

Why You Need to Enforce a Visual Marketing Campaign Now

Have you ever heard the phrase, “eating with your eyes?” Well, visual marketing is a lot like this concept. In fact, some of the finest French pastry chefs employ this very marketing tactic in the art of mere dessert presentation.

In the world of web design and online marketing for business, visual marketing is becoming the focal point of success. WHY? Well, you don’t have to eat the delicious double chocolate fudge cake to KNOW that you love it. The same can be attributed to high-quality graphics. The mere SIGHT, or VISUAL appeal, has tickled your fancy enough to compel you to commit.

What is Visual Marketing?

The interesting thing about visual marketing is that it exists within the already-pervasive social media networks. We’ve discussed the importance of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and how integrating these outlets with your website and business are paramount to targeting traffic and broadening your online presence.

Well, it’s 2013 and everyone’s hopped on the “social media bandwagon” long ago. Merely posting promotions about your business is not going to cut it. People don’t have patience and, furthermore, they don’t have time. This means we need to cater to their most immediate sense: VISUAL!!!!!

On Facebook alone, individuals are more likely to “like” content when it contains a snazzy graphic. Because of this rise and dependence of the photo frenzy, an entire breed of photo archiving, bookmarking, and sharing social networks have been born.

Why is Visual Marketing So Powerful?

Pinterest and Instagram are seemingly becoming the new Facebook and Twitter. Well, in regard to visual marketing, these two sites are reigning supreme and not showing any sign of becoming a dying breed.

Why are these photo bookmarking sites so pervasive? Aside from the fact that it’s easier and more immediate to simply view an image, it also caters to the psychological and emotional aspect of marketing with more immediacy.

How Can Your Business Enforce a Unique Visual Marketing Campaign?

Hopping on the “visual marketing bandwagon” is not rocket science and it will elicit rapid and recognizable traffic. By simply implementing a few simple tricks in your already-existing social media campaigns, you will automatically give your social media the “face lift” it needs and the attention that it demands.

Try these on for size:::::::

1- Demonstrate, over speaking, whenever possible:

Your content might be the best thing since sliced bread, but now you’re going to have to couple that language with some impressive photos. Take a look at your content and think of synonymous images or graphics you could use to reinforce your text.

2- Choose authentic, original images:

Ripping hackneyed photos off of Google, or some other stock site, is NOT the way to employ graphics. With all of this growing dependence on pristine, unique imagery, individuals are conditioned to see beautiful images. And, fortunately, it’s pretty easy to make this originality happen with the use of a smart phone or digital camera. By using YOUR business’s custom image, you ensure a unique flair that can’t be found elsewhere.

When in doubt, looking into a web design and online marketing company is always an option for high-quality graphics!

3-Compel Clients and Fans to Share Photos:

By not only sharing your own images, but also crowd sourcing them from fans and followers, you allow for an increased number of authentic and unique graphic implementation. In addition, you will be afforded the luxury of connecting with relevant clients and promoting your brand visibility.

4- Illustrate your story:

As we mentioned before, implementing photos is the best way to emotionally connect with your visitors. And, garnering emotional loyalty is the best way to grow true business success that will be shared by your loyal followers.

5- Include useful content:

Now that your visuals are all in place, you can compel your visitors to make a call to action. Adding hashtags and your business’s keywords is another terrific means of adding useful description and savvy online marketing tactics.

6- Use ALL Social Media:

Don’t just stick to a new, snazzy Facebook campaign! Use these tactics on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and the like. You can even share social media posts cross-social media site and reinforce your previous visual marketing posts.

SHOWING your clients who you are and what you can do has become more effective than TELLING them. So, get your visual marketing campaign going sooner than later; because the visual marketing medium is all about immediate, precise, and aesthetically pleasing output.


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