Why You Must CONSIDER SEO for your Website

Why You Must CONSIDER SEO for your Website

It’s safe to say that most writers find it difficult to immerse themselves in the digital shift of our culture. If you’re an old-fashioned kind of gal or lad, you might not even fully understand, or want to understand, the effects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on digital content. Well, the Internet and all of the incredible online marketing tools that have emerged are not going anywhere.

SEO can sometimes get a bad rep! People who aren’t informed are either afraid of it or think that it involves some manipulative, under-the-table dealings, which is not the case. Certainly, there are some “bad guys” in the tech-o-sphere who ARE implementing snarky, black-hat SEO! STAY AWAY FROM THEM! However, there are some truly unique, savvy, and interesting concepts that can completely change your visibility for the better.

So it’s time you start, at the VERY LEAST, considering how SEO can positively affect your business and online presence.

Defining GREAT Content

Even if you don’t know what SEO is, you’ve probably given a great deal of thought about a little guy named GOOGLE! And, if you’ve thought about Google, you’ve probably wondered why and how certain sites receive the coveted NUMBER 1 position in Google search queries. Well, it’s simply the result of GREAT content.

Great content, as rewarded by Google, has everything to do with relevance and unique material. You might be a Pulitzer Prize winning author, but if your content is not deemed “high quality” based off of Google’s search algorithm, you’re virtually unnoticed.

Google’s search algorithm tracks the quality of your content by sending out “spiders” to crawl the pages of your site and gather answers to the following questions:

Is your content unique?

Is your content helpful?

Is your content relevant?

Is your content accurate?

Is your content reliable?

These questions might seem easy to address when writing web content for your business, but they are seemingly more vague and challenging than you might think; especially when you consider Google’s savvy algorithm.

Google Must SEE YOU!

Have you ever met someone who was so incredibly intelligent, yet didn’t know how to translate thoughts onto paper?

Well, getting SEEN by Google is similar to this concept. You might have all of the most relevant, intelligent content in the world; but, if you scatter this content haphazardly across your website, Google will be unable to find you. And, you want Google to find you!!

Being seen by Google can be initiated in many ways. Everything from your main navigation, language for your page titles, domain page interlinking, and keyword implementation and density are all of the essence regarding your website’s value.

Unless you’re recognized by Google as an authority in your field, you run the risk of being invisible.

White-hat SEO is Honest and Effective

Think of white-hat SEO as “Glinda the Good Witch of the North” from The Wizard of Oz! Yes, she has the title of “witch,” but she doesn’t use deceitful or manipulative tactics to grant her actions.

White-hat SEO is the “Glinda” of savvy online marketing. YES, black-hat SEO fools exist and they will try to keyword stuff the heck out of every page of content, regardless of relevance or keyword density. These are BAD online marketers, because the repercussions far SURPASS the benefits of good, honest SEO.

As someone who might be trying to grow their online presence with content, employing honest SEO is paramount to your campaign. Thus, you should do it! As a writer, you should be compelled to employ the honest SEO and climb the Google ladder up to top rankings with smart content.

Further, black-hat SEO produces trite, often stolen, irrelevant, and chaotic content! Why would we, collectively as business-minded individuals, want to support something like that? That is much more of an incentive to push our helpful content, in my book.

Basic Knowledge will Aid with Natural, Increased Visibility

Even if you don’t want to immerse yourself into the depths of SEO, basic knowledge will help you create content that ranks, without even really “trying” to initiate an SEO plan.

Let’s say you own a web design company and you are blogging about online marketing. Now, let’s say that you discovered, in the previous month, that individuals searched most for this subject using “online marketing,” “online advertising,” and “digital marketing,” respectively. It would be within your very best interest, now having this knowledge, to use the most commonly searched phrase of “online marketing” in your blog. This very basic knowledge will naturally adhere to the SEO integrity rule and regulations of Google!

By merely implementing strategic keywords, commenting on industry-related blogs, link-building, and a number of other simple online marketing tactics, you can be implementing an SEO campaign without even really knowing it.

If you are leading any kind of online business or online marketing campaign, SEO should be your new best buddy! At the end of the day, it’s your business, your growth, and your success. SEO is there to help if you’re willing to learn or get help from those who do. So, if you want to ride with the big guy, the Almighty Google, then please CONSIDER SEO at the very least!

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