How to Maximize Conversion Rates for your Business

How to Maximize Conversion Rates for your Business

One thing that most business owners don’t know is that their sign-up form on their website is a powerful tool. Not only is this a tool for you to acquire and track new clients, but it also has the most impact on conversion rates.

The reason that your sign-up form is so powerfully connected to your customer conversions is because it’s often implemented ineffectively:

Too many question fields

Unrelated questions

PERSONAL information

…among many other blunders.

So, put an end to your overwhelming and ineffective sign-up form and watch conversion rates multiply.

*Only Request Critical Field Information

Perhaps the biggest blunder committed on the sign-up form is demanding too much from the customer. Take a look at the questions you’re requiring your customers to answer. Here is a question for you to answer in the meantime:

Do I really need ALL of this information from my clients?

There are certain information fields that you absolutely need, like “name” and “email.”

The extraneous information is not truly serving a purpose, aside from irritating and potentially deterring your prospective customer. So, get rid of the non-essentials now and please customers with the easy sign-up.

*Don’t Request Extraneous Personal Information

When it comes to privacy, customers won’t compromise this basic right no matter how awesome your product or service may be. Of course, you need some personal information in order for future correspondence to take place. Name and email, as stated above, are perfectly normal and essential for business to ensue. However, people are seemingly less inclined to give away their phone numbers and home addresses. Aside from the potential threat of leaking personal information, people are also less willing to be so “available” at every avenue, via phone and especially while at home.

So, stick to the basics, once again! If you don’t absolutely need the information in order to make the sale or acquire the customer, then omit it.

*Give a Reason for Requesting Information

Explanations are good, especially when it comes to the purpose of requesting personal information from people. Giving more information in these scenarios will always bolster your credibility, in addition to giving peace of mind.

If you truly need personal information, giving an explanation is a great idea. You need someone’s address because you’d like to mail a helpful guide about your company to them. So, tell them that. The explanation only strengthens their likelihood to readily let go of this essential information.

*Give the Visitor a CHOICE to Enter Specific Information

We’ve all seen those irritating red stars accompanied by “required field” language on sign-up forms. Again, only ask and demand that certain fields are required. Naturally, a basic name and email are critical, so these will be accompanied by the all-too-dreaded red stars. However, you can also give your customers a choice as to how much information they wish to disclose.

By giving the customer a choice, you’ve given them an unconscious “power” which they like. And, further, you’re facilitating a sense of faith and respect within your business. So, when in doubt, give your customers a choice and they will gladly offer more than you believe.

*Facilitate an Easy, Approachable Sign-up Process

In general, simplicity regarding all things sign-up is critical to customer happiness. Most forms will generally demand only the most basic information. However, should your business require billing or payment options, it is within your best interest NOT to require new customers to create an account prior to purchasing. This only deters an eager customer.

If customers are already on your page, that’s half the battle. They are more likely to make the conversion if you simplify things upfront, and grant an opportunity to create an account (or any other non-critical action) afterward.

*Respect Your Customer

The principals behind every single one of the above tips holds this ideal at the core: respect your customers. If you respect your customer’s time, worth, and satisfaction, you’ll succeed in increasing your conversion rates for sure.

Make your sign-up forms easy, valuable. And, always consider the customer first.

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