Marketing Strategies More Effective Than Blatant Advertising

Marketing Strategies More Effective Than Blatant Advertising

We’ve written countless blogs at OTV about, well, the COUNTLESS marketing avenues that currently exist. Social media marketing, SEO marketing, content marketing, and the list goes on! It’s hard to say that one method is better than the next, simply because every business is subject to success rates that vary cross marketing strategy. However, there are, and have always been, some pretty old-school strategies that will continue to supersede even the savviest of new-wave advertising.

Sometimes, moving forward in the world of online marketing simply demands taking a few steps back:


Sure, there are tons of incredibly effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics a business can employ to draw increased traffic, expand reach, and climb the charts of GOOGLE! However, the value of an authentically loyal and flawless customer service regime is a PRICELESS commodity!

Let’s consider APPLE for a moment. They know a thing or TWENTY about ROCKSTAR customer service! If you’ve ever been the owner of a slightly defective iPad, iPod, or iPhone, they hook you up! Let’s just say you won’t need to hire your attorney and plead unrelenting hours of mercy regarding your faulty product. Apple simply says, “Oh, our bad!!” and kindly restores you with a new product, permitting you’re not lying/the product isn’t 15 years old/you’re not a blatant opportunist!

Other…ahem…..MOST companies are not so quick to jump on the generous bandwagon. However, it is THIS VERY GENEROSITY, and customer service DOMINATION, which sets you apart from competitors, secures SOLID brand identity, and locks down brand and customer loyalty for life.


Sometimes, a brand with a fabulous product fails to reign supreme in their industry, as a result of equally sub-par marketing. The exact converse can be said for brands with mediocre products and BIG-DOG reputations! And, THAT is the very result of engaging, ROCKSTAR content delivery.

As a Long Island, New York web design company, OTV does a fair share of brand research. ALL of our personal favorite examples of ROCKSTAR content delivery include authentic language, VISUAL appeal, and compelling readership worthy of VIRAL capability.

Take Jay Roeder, one of our favorite typographic illustrators. Every day, he offers a daily illustration which always compels me, personally, to wait impatiently for the next day’s art.

Or, the countless food bloggers! They’ve got a firm handle on visual marketing! They employ the highest quality photos to have you drooling upon your scroll down the page.

These are the kinds of emotionally compelling content samples you need to employ!

LEARN from Client Reviews:

Nothing entices you to visit a new restaurant in town like a SWEET Google review! Alternatively, a painstakingly wretched review might just deter you from ever stepping foot into that same joint! Bottom line, we value what people have to say about, well, anything; as long as their opinions are authentic!

If your clients provide reviews, both good and bad, you should HEAR THEM OUT! LEARN from the bad ones and GROW from the good ones!

CONNECT with the Big-Wigs of your Industry:

Power Users! Every heard of them? Sure you have! Every industry has them and these power users are the guys you want to BUDDY UP with.

This concept has certainly been discussed in other OTV blog posts, but it’s because we can’t stress the importance enough. Engaging with the big-wigs of your industry in real, authentic ways gives you the opportunity to operate on the same level as them. Further, if they respect your content, what you have to say, or want to lend their credibility-saturated assistance, they’ll PAY IT FORWARD! It’s not to say that tweeting, emailing, Facebook’ing, or even creating a shrine to one of these top influencers GUARANTEES their recognition of you. However, the more you put yourself out there with genuine content and valuable communication, the more likely you will be to join to power users at the “cool table!

Sometimes, old-school traditional values are the most effective marketing strategies a business could employ. Of course, the innovation of savvy SEO is a force to be reckoned with and, when deployed expertly, can leverage a business’s online presence at incredible lengths. But, this blog post should be reassuring to your technological abilities, your time constraints, and of course your wallet. You really don’t need a surplus of money, time, or techie skills to effectively implement any of the above.

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