Marketing a New Business or Product

Marketing a New Business or Product

Marketing an existing brand or product is hard enough when it’s been around for a decade. So, we understand the fear of building an entirely new brand. However, marketing a new business or product is actually quite refreshing and exciting.

Think of your business as having a clean slate, or reputation, that’s never been tarnished by poor service, faulty products, or negative PR. With this fresh beginning, you can craft your brand seamlessly, using the best marketing tactics that actually work.

Here are a few ways to get your business or product marketed on the right foot:

Prove That Your Business Motivates or Solves a Problem

Some of the most successful marketing campaigns have been the result of a deficit or demand for something in our society. Think of Apple’s iPod, for instance. Prior to distributing this tiny, convenient, hand held music device, people were lugging around that archaic disc man and other cumbersome music players. For athletes, commuters, urban dwellers, and sheer music enthusiasts who wished to carry ALL of their music at once, the iPod was the PERFECT solution.

Your business or product should bank on this concept in its marketing campaign. Think about what you have to offer and how this solves a problem in your industry or motivates people to use your product/services immediately.

Choose Smart & Purposeful Language to Set your Apart from Competitors

Marketing is not all about logo, flashy design, and the visual. Although these things are certainly powerful in their own right, persuasive change is often the result of smart and purposeful language. Taglines are a perfect example of how language can set a brand apart from its competitors.

Just do it

I’m lovin’ it

Betcha’ can’t eat just one

It’s quite likely that your brain immediately recalled the Nike, McDonald’s, and Lays brands that are sysnonymous with these virally rampant taglines. Yes, it is undeniable that the product speaks for itself in regard to all three companies, and that they market intelligently. However, the power and influence of these taglines is indisputably supreme.

Think wisely about the language you use in everything from your tagline to your web content. Although people are definitely growing increasingly more interested in visual marketing, textual content still lives and provides a strong sense of power over your marketing campaign.

Prove that your Business or Product is Different & Works

In your marketing endeavors, you’re going to meet people who welcome your brand with open arms. But, you’re also certainly going to run into your fair share of skeptics. This is the time to prove to them that your brand is different than other companies in the industry and that your product or service is better and WORKS.

A great example of this is Square’s mobile payment revolution! Prior to this product, entrepreneurs and the like faced a challenge for receiving credit card transactions without a website. However, the tiny technological device allowed individuals to attach their smart phones to Square, enabling efficient and immediate credit card transactions. WIN!

Maybe your business or product has not quite reinvented the wheel so to speak. But, you’ve got something different and you want your clients to act. So, prove to them that your brand has the difference and it really works!

Customize & Personalize Your Business or Product

Personalization is one of the integral correlates of branding, setting your product apart from all the rest. When you create an empire out of your brand, one that cannot be compared to any other product in your industry, you truly compel fans and followers to respect and show loyalty to you.

Apple is certainly not a stranger to great praise, and this great honor is absolutely warranted. The iPhone, or any of the Apple products, is a quintessential example of this strategy. The Apple empire is a brand surpassing all other technological companies in music, Smartphone, and digitally-connected fields. Much of this reality resides in the fact that their product is reliable, smart, and CUSTOMIZED! The fact that the iPhone (a groundbreaking fusion of multiple digital platforms) was easy to use and well-received was because Apple instated a clear and concise personalization among ALL of its products. This kind of customization is worth every penny to avid users, fans, and followers.

DO yourself a favor and facilitate a marketing campaign that pays homage to Apple’s personalization strategy. People love and rely on custom products that reliably deliver every time.

Marketing is a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. But, you can bank on the fact that your new brand is starting from the very beginning, as the perfect prototype for the above PROVEN criteria.

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