Marketing for Customer Experience

Marketing for Customer Experience

When it comes to marketing your business, you always want to believe in your product or service.  And, while your products and services are very important, it might also be wise to prioritize these things, you will find it equally wise to consider your customer experience.

At our Hauppauge web design company, the satisfaction of our customers ultimately translates to our business success.  That means that we must pay close attention to the kind of customer experience our social media, website, and business put forth.  Everything from the culture, knowledge, and interactions your business possesses can play a huge role in the kind of customer experience you deliver.  And, since the nature of most digital media is becoming much more interactive, your customer experience is integral to your marketing campaign.

Before your business employs a crazy SEO campaign, you might consider the following interesting truths about customer experience:

*Customers don’t listen to you

don't listen

It might be a slightly uncomfortable truth to accept, but the reality of inbound marketing is that your customers have already acquired information about you before visiting your website.  No longer are the days where the customer must contact the business in order retrieve important information.  That is the very nature of inbound marketing.  Now, there is less of an influence on content maintenance and more of an influence on the management of your social media platforms. Always make sure that your social platforms are allowing for ease of communication.

*Customers possess a great deal of knowledge about your brand


Since your customers are not running to your website as quickly as they once were, they have acquired a wealth of knowledge about your business.  In fact, some might even say they know MORE about your business than you do.  Your business has intentions for the kinds of services and products it produces, but that’s not to say that your customers are going to acquiesce perfectly to this.  As a result, customers do what they want regarding your business, feeding into the very nature of inbound marketing. For example, your company might supply a sneaker that was intended for athletics, but your customers quickly displaying use for fashion’s sake.  Here, your customers are telling you how to marketing your product and what your brand is really all about.

*Customers build their user experience


Due to the fact that your customers have so much knowledge about your brand, they are also building their own customer experiences on social media platforms.  Rather than waiting on a brand to communicate what the experience should be, the customer will go ahead and create their own.  And, while this might seem scary to give your customers so much control, it actually allows a brand to gain insight on what customers actually want and how your brand will thrive because of it.

*Customers are intricate and impulsive


The nature of social platforms and brands lends itself to the idea that customers know they can always reach you.  This is both a great and overwhelming fact in the world of marketing.  There is no room for a brand to really control time with regard to interactions.  Now, the customer is an intricate and impulsive individual because he/she knows that receiving information is the brand’s priority.

It appears as though our brands are no longer reigning the control field of customer experience, and that’s fine.  Brands must, however, create communities where their customers can depend on things like trust and respect, so that customer retention is earned long-term.



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