How To Market Your Business With Persuasion

How To Market Your Business With Persuasion

When it comes to marketing, persuasion is an attractive and essential tool for your campaign. And, if you take a look at some brand icons, you’ll begin to recognize the power of persuasion that they possess.

Persuasion sometimes gets a bad rep. Some people tend to think that persuasion is one in the same as manipulation, and that’s not the case if you’re doing it correctly. In order to be persuasive in an effective, honest, and compelling manner, look to the big dogs.

Here are some things that all of the most successfully persuasive individuals employ regularly:

*Be Focused & Purposeful

Individuals with ultimate persuasion understand their power and agency, which is why they often don’t have to push their persuasion. Further, a persuasive individual will not feel the need to aggressively promote their authority or become defensive in certain situations. At the end of the day, they know how to be purposeful regarding what they believe in; That is to say they wisely advocate less than you’d believe.


People appreciate and admire those who listen to them. And, while persuasive individuals are certainly known to vocalize strong stances, they are also quite meticulous listeners. In fact, by listening, the persuasive individual can easily identify where it is that you might be finding fault with their stance and how to readily eradicate those objections. Also, they listen to find the specific facts that you might agree with, thereby capitalizing on that harmony.

*Give Credit to Others Where Credit is Due

You can’t please everyone and you also can’t make everyone agree with you. Persuasive individuals understand this reality and allow you to have your time with your opinion. Much like the persuasive individual will sit back and listen to clients, he/she will also let you take the reins with your wise opinions about your business or service. Further, the persuasive individual will give you credit for your arguments. Not only does this allow for the prospective client warm up to you, but also gives them the respect and merit they want. As a result, he or she is more willing to open up to you and hear your persuasive opinions that they might, otherwise, normally be closed off to.

*Engage & Connect

Being likeable to others is always a positive, especially when it comes to selling yourself, products, and/or services. Your persuasion will be much more readily received if you show your greatest empathy and establish an emotional connection to each prospective client. This is one of the tried and true marketing tactics at large. Getting to the core of people’s emotions not only opens them up and willing to hear you, but further allows them to value your stance. So, when in doubt, engage and connect to people. It will never fail to provide success.

*Understand When To Be Silent

Persuasion is all about perception of those listening. And, truly persuasive people understand when they’re overstepping their boundaries so to speak. Back off! Sometimes, you need to bolster your persuasion by simply being quiet. Let the client have some time to process your thoughts, products, services, as well as vocalize any questions they might have. Don’t bombard people with too much information and wear them out, because that is the fastest way to make them flee.

*Provide Happiness

Who doesn’t want to feel happy and satisfied after they’ve made a decision? When it comes to doing business, especially involving peoples’ wallets, happiness is a good thing! Show people that you’ve got the solution they need, the easiest answer, the difference, and that that you’re there to help them. People are much more likely and inclined to sign up with you for the long haul, should you provide the quality satisfaction that they need and deserve.

It should be evident that persuasion, when approached with a well-thought out plan, is not about manipulation in the slightest. You should know that your business will actually be much more persuasive by employing honesty the entire way.

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