How to Make a Landing Page that Works

How to Make a Landing Page that Works

Designing a landing page might seem like an easy task, seeing as there’s only one page.  However, compelling visitors to make a call to action is quite challenging, given the minimal space and time to grab a potential customer’s attention.

When it comes to landing pages, the concept is really quite simple: a simple yet effective marriage of design and content.  Oddly enough, it’s usually the seemingly simple tasks in the world of web design that are most challenging to complete.  If you’re not employing landing pages for your business, you really should because they are incredibly powerful in regard to search engine optimization (SEO) and building high quality traffic.

Consider these helpful tools for the future of your landing page:

Create powerful landing page headlines


The great thing about a single page is that you can control exactly what the visitor is looking at by implementing constructive design and content.  In regard to your content, you want to make sure that readers feel they have arrived where they wanted to, making use of effective industry keywords if possible.  This is a time to be brief and precise with your language, because people will not have the time or patience to sift through too much verbiage.  Headlines that promise something are very effective in generating calls to action.

Put your emphasis on one purpose


What do you want those who are reading this page to do?  Surely, they are here because you have something they need.  So, this is the place to highlight that with smart design and content that compels the viewer to think and act.  You might even do away with the idea of additional links (except one the redirects to your business homepage), footer, or any other distracting element.

Showcase the value


Clearly, your visitors are somewhat interested because they clicked on the landing page link to even get there.  So, now it is your job to showcase why the product/service you’re offering is so beneficial to them.  Perhaps you’re the best Long Island SEO company and you want to share your exclusive and competitive packages for online marketing.  This is the time and place to do just that.  What, truly, makes your web design company different and BETTER than other long island web design companies?

Create a good mix of media and text

mix media text

It goes without saying that a photo will generate more viewership than a word, for the most part.  However, viewers absolutely need language on the page in order to understand your value and learn more about this campaign.  It is only natural that a designer might lean toward visual concerns and writer would lead toward the textual ones, but the reader needs a healthy balance of both.

Build an effective call to action button

call to action

At the end of viewing your landing page, you want the viewer to do something.  Maybe you want them to contact you and fill out a form on your website, or perhaps you want them to subscribe to emails.  Or, maybe you want them to do both.  As such, think about implementing two calls to action buttons on different sections of the page.  Whatever the case, make the calls to action clear and effective.

Your landing page has the power to draw niche-specific traffic to your business, and turn viewers into customers.  So, take the time to consider the above landing page tips for your next campaign.

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