Make the Most of Instagram Video for your Business

Make the Most of Instagram Video for your Business

Instagram Video

June 20th was an exciting day for all Instagram enthusiasts, with the addition of video to the photo sharing network. It certainly gave the newly-popular video sharing site, Vine, a run for its money!

Shortly before the video craze on Instagram, the social network Vine staked its claim as the video authority on the Internet. However, their 6-second videos were trampled by Instagram’s 15-second counterpart, not to mention Instagram’s already-established photo domination throughout the social stream.

Instagram-goers were hesitant about the video arrival; however, the initiative provided an even more unique voyeuristic gaze into others’ lives, not to mention a surge in followers for most artistic and influential accounts.

Brands quickly learned the effectiveness of the photo sharing portion of Instagram on their business success. And, the video portion is really no different. It might, potentially, provide a more unique and powerful advent for the long haul.

Awesome Brand Instagram Videos


It starts here. #1912 #pikeplace #storestory by @starbucks

Filmed at the first Starbucks EVER, this Instagram video is minimalistic, honest, and creative – much like the Starbucks product itself.


A glimpse behind the scenes of the #Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show, #London by @burberry

Chic, sophisticated, and without error, Burberry debuted a stunning introductory video to Instagram via the 2014 Menswear fashion show. The video offers fun and exciting snapshots, which lend itself to the essence of behind-the-scenes fashion and the hustle and bustle.


Every mat has a story to tell. #justmymat by @lululemon

Lululemon also takes advantage of the snapshot edits in their video debut. Showing off the versatility of their yoga garb in multiple settings, the snapshots offer a witty and playful video that accurately portray the brand – and share a captivating appeal as well!

How Can Your Brand Use Instagram Video?

Although the likes of Starbucks, Burberry, and Lululemon are at grandiose levels of authority in their respective niches, you can utilize their video concepts and apply them to your own Instagram account.

Here’s how:


The mission behind Instagram, in general, is to lure individuals in immediately with photo sharing. The video portal is no different. Even at a sparse 15 seconds, the attention spans of individuals are still challenged, so you must do everything in your power to captivate and grab hold of user attention. Be unique, relevant, and always stay true to your brand.

*Know Your Followers

The kind of people who you attract, or are looking to attract, is specific to the kind of video you must produce. Instagram users, in general, are eclectic, innovative, and relatively young, and hip individuals. Thus, your end result must possess similar qualities and reinforce the hip and edgy nature of the crowd.

*Master Instagram Video

As a business, you are given a substantial amount of authority. While you needn’t worry about becoming the next James Cameron or Steven Spielberg, you DO need to get comfortably acquainted with the Instagram Video platform. Choose from 13 filters of color; shoot in edited snapshots or continuous stream; Capture a cover image to headline the overall video; tighten it up with Cinema features that edit steady filming.

*Be Fresh

The need to be on your toes and fresh in the digital industry is urgent. While people were rapidly interested in the Vine network, they were just as quick to drop it once Instagram Video came along. So, your brand must really learn the platform, master it, and concoct innovative ways to stay authentic and true to your followers.

Instagram Video is a growing and widely welcomed concept on the social stream. Recreational Instagram users are loving this ability to surveil individuals and brands, even more than they already do with photos. And, if the recreational usage is any indication of what this pervasiveness can do for business, than your brand needs to jump on the Instagram Video train NOW!

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