Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Clicks Advertising (PPC Management)– Search Engine Marketing

Looking for instant gratification? With help from our pay per click advertising service you can have ads running immediately on Google, Bing & Yahoo that will drive your business right to the top of search engine results. Set an advertising budget and we will take care of the rest. A PPC manager we’ll write your ads, implement & monitor your campaign, and track your competition. Google and Bing ads are our specialty.

Key Benefits of our Pay Per Click Marketing Package:

  • Keyword Analysis and Implementation – Since every business is specific to a respective industry, the language implemented in marketing should resonate with that specific industry. Thus, On Top Visibility will carefully research and consider your industry’s target keywords, whereby your audience will be strategically facilitated back to you.
  • Evaluate and Understand – Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign and your business are unique, which is why your marketing campaign should be as well. Further, it is important to understand your budget, specifically regarding Pay Per Click Marketing, since you will be investing in the success of your company. Investing extraneous financial output on a marketing campaign would be foolish if there was little to no return on investment. On Top Visibility will carefully assess and construct a Pay Per Click Marketing campaign that resonates with the goals of both your business and budget, while guaranteeing a successful return. For PPC campaign management contact us
  • Manage a Relevant and Cohesive Search Experience – While targeting an advertisement to a relevant and desired audience is a goal, the optimal objective at hand resides within the entirety of the user experience. Not only must you attract the relevant audience, but you must further oblige your readers to visit your website and find the information that they’re looking for. On Top Visibility will ensure cohesion in regard to your website’s landing page and the search queries that they are yielding. Your target audience should encounter a seamless experience in their search and, further, be compelled to facilitate a call to action.
  • Allow the Numerical Figures to Monitor Your Success – The most desirable aspect of a pay per click marketing campaign is the ability to easily evaluate your results. With the luxury of keywords and A/B testing, On Top Visibility can precisely monitor the success of your marketing campaign, eradicate the campaigns that are performing inadequately, and strengthen the campaigns that perform best.
  • Ease of Targeting and Flexibility – One of the most attractive factors of pay per click marketing is the ease of delivery available within the specific campaign. Consider the following pay per click methods as customized options for the success of your marketing platform.
  • Targeting via Keyword – Keyword targeting is the most obvious and general method of attracting a desired audience. The most important factor to consider in keyword marketing is to assess the relevance of the keywords in regard to the target audience. Individuals become easily agitated when a website possesses none of the information they are looking for. In turn, you will still be responsible for the payment of that visitor’s click to your site. That is why On Top Visibility ensures optimal relevance between ads and landing page content.
  • Targeting via Geography – Suppose your business is a bakery in Manhattan and you are looking to draw only local clientèle. Geographical targeting will be a terrific means to generate only those in the greater New York Metropolitan area. Thus, On Top Visibility will ensure that your advertisements will run on searches geared toward your geographical location.
  • Targeting via Time – Another luxury of the pay per click marketing campaign is the ability to market your business at peak times. Sometimes, the potential clientèle and consumers for a relative business are more likely to see and/or act at certain peak times. The pay per click specialist at On Top Visibility can, therefore, deliver advertisements based on this research and knowledge.

Need to let your community know about your services immediately? Then Pay Per Click Advertising is for you. While you work, our eyes are on your ads at all times – just set a budget and let us take care of the rest. Contact us. We also specialize in social media management, search engine optimization and email marketing.

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