Keeping It Fresh with Basic SEO

Keeping It Fresh with Basic SEO

Keeping up with Google, and the frequent changes they make to their search algorithm, is not always an easy task. But for business owners, it is a necessary task. Google dictates how your business is found on the Internet and what place it will occupy on the search results page. If you want your business to rank high on the first page, make sure it is fresh with basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principals!


Google recently released the list of changes they made in the month of March, and it is clear that they continue to focus on delivering fresh content to the end user. Here is a list of the “freshness” changes made:


  • High-quality site algorithm data updates and freshness improvements
  • Fresher image predictions in all languages
  • Improvements to freshness in Video Universal
  • More precise detection of old pages

The changes aim to weed out stale videos and pages, and bring the most recent information to the end user. Therefore, a business should aim to create original content on a regular basis, in order to retain high ranking.  Original, fresh content is the most basic SEO implementation an individual could employ on a website.  Aside from providing the most relevant and interesting content to readers, fresh content is great for search engine page ranking and SEO.

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