Interest in Pinterest?

Interest in Pinterest?

Listen up local businesses. There is a rising star in the galaxy of social networks called Pinterest, which you might want to latch onto.

Pinterest is a virtual pin board which allows the user to “pin” items they find interesting. These can be beautiful pictures, favorite recipes, bands they listen to, restaurants they love. The possibilities are endless. The user may “follow” people, whose boards they are interested in, and hopefully discover new interests of their own.

So, what does this mean for a business? In a nutshell, free word of mouth advertising. Pinterest is booming! In November, there were 4.9 million unique visitors. Not too shabby, right? Well, just two months later, in January, Pinterest had 11 million unique visitors. Plus those who visited spent approximately 100 minutes on the site as compared to 19 minutes.

Since the dramatic rise in the Pinterest phenomenon is relatively recent, businesses are still formulating the best approach to capitalize on the use of the site. Large businesses, such as Bergdorff Goodman’s and Land’s End, have pinned their marketing hopes on Pinterest. Small businesses also have great opportunity to market their services or products on Pinterest. The Wall Street Journal reported the following: “Our traffic converts to sales,” said Amy Squires, co-founder of The Wedding Chicks LLC, which posted about $540,000 in revenue last year, up from $340,000 in 2010. The four-year-old online retailer of wedding-party gifts, which joined Pinterest last summer, said Pinterest now brings in more than double as many monthly visitors to its website than Facebook and Twitter.”

On Top Visibility welcomes you to contact one of our experts to brainstorm strategies your business can implement on Pinterest. Together, let’s “pin” your business On Top of the rest!

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