Increase Conversions with an AWESOME Landing Page

Increase Conversions with an AWESOME Landing Page

If you utilize digital media, you’re aware of the fleeting nature of content. And, if you think it’s challenging to captivate your target clientele with a website design, consider the challenge of a landing page design! When you only get one page, or one SHOT, to reel in the attention of these individuals, it’s certainly a challenge to compel them to make a call to action.

Since there are an infinite amount of other websites, links, colors and the like on any given web page, it makes securing conversions THAT much more challenging. That is why strategic landing page construction is paramount to acquiring your target demographic.

Think about it! You have one page to convince prospective clients that your business has what they need. With all of the countless distractions, you need to make sure your landing page has all of the ROCKSTAR essentials it needs:::::

*Make it PRETTY:

Pretty is ALWAYS in – True story! That is why design possesses vital priority on your landing page. And, it makes sense. When people land on your landing page, you really only have approximately 5 seconds (and that’s generous!) to captivate your audience before they click away and say “sayonara!!” If your design is innovative and attention-grabbing, even when your content is sub-par, you have a huge potential to make the conversion. In contrast, a bad design could prove a burdening blunder to your conversion rates in general.

*Get to the POINT:

Your landing page is not an opportunity to compose a dissertation, contrary to what you might wish to articulate. People want what they want, and they want it yesterday! So, get to the POINT! The attention span of your page visitors is baffling, so don’t bombard with frivolous information. If you want them to make a specific call to action, be bold and ask! By bogging them down with too much data, they’re more likely to click away faster than they can even SPOT a call to action.

*Implement SNAZZY Headlines:

I’ve touched on the importance of ROCKSTAR headlines in previous blog posts, which is why it makes an appearance on this list as well. Before your landing page visitors even read the content of your page, they’re sizing up your headline to see if they even want to give the remainder of your content any more consideration. A snazzy, witty, slightly offbeat headline (depending on your business and demographic), has the power to really lock down a viewer’s attention and, further, compel a conversion. So, give some honest thought to your headlines on landing pages, blogs, and articles alike!

*Options – Less is MORE:

Since your landing page goal is to solidify more conversions, you really should offer little more than the product/service you want the visitor to act on. DON’T confound your audience with option hysteria! Making choices is already hard enough in life….which is why your landing page should make up your visitor’s mind for them!

*Create SMART Content:

So your headline was enough of ROCKSTAR to compel the reader to continue. AWESOME! Now, you’ve got to reiterate your powerful copy throughout the page. Couple it appropriately with the design, forcing the user’s eye to lead to the most compelling call to action. Utilizing the “less is more” politic here will also be helpful to your content strategy! If people don’t have the time to click a call to action button, they certainly won’t have time to read all of your awesome content. So, make it short and sweet….and, of course, AWESOME!

*DESIGN Buttons Strategically:

If you want your visitors to “Request a Quote,” “Join Now,” “Read More,” or any of these popular calls to action, you need to make these buttons count! Every aspect of the button’s design will consciously and unconsciously affect your reader’s decision to actually click and make the conversion. That is why the color, size, font, look, feel, and shape should match your aesthetic and compel the viewer to make the conversion.

*Stay ABOVE the FOLD:

Above the fold – you know, the top portion of the web page that contains the most enticing information????!!! Since print media first sprung, the term “above the fold” has had significant bearing on all content makers! The fact of the matter is that people are not going to scroll down the lengths of your landing page, when the content above the fold is STALE! That is why you need to implement ROCKSTAR content above the fold and implement calls to action above the fold!


While your words might very well be convincing, there’s nothing more trustworthy and honest than real, human connection. Implementing a graphic, that includes a HAPPY human element, promotes “realness” to your business that words simply cannot convey. At the end of the day, building trust is an integral facet to securing conversion rates. And, the human appeal will only aid in obtaining that trust.

*EVIDENCE – the Proof is in the Pudding:

Proving your value to prospective clients is one of the best ways to entice them to make a call to action. A great way of displaying this PROOF is by implementing your social media “Likes,” “Follows,” “Pins,” etc. These social media icons, reputable business logos, and other signs of iconography are immediate trust symbols for your landing page. And, as we already established, this relative trust is something that goes hand in hand with increased conversions.


Remove the likelihood for frustration and disappointment of failed landing page calls to action! TEST your landing pages and make sure they work efficiently, before you piss off a prospective client and lose them as a client altogether. Implement A/B testing when undertaking design and copy, and fine-tune efficiency as a final step.

It’s definitely a challenge to procure conversions from a landing page. Given the time constraints of daily life, our own, personal time/attention spans, and the distraction of the web at large, it takes strategy to lock down conversions. While there might not be ONE method to the madness, there certainly are a bunch of helpful, EFFECTIVE tools to securing a landing page with increased conversion likelihood! Definitely consider the above tips when creating your landing pages and increased conversions are guaranteed!

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