5 Important Reasons to Listen to Customer Feedback


5 Important Reasons to Listen to Customer Feedback

Whatever industry you work in, listening to customer feedback is imperative to the success of your business. Your business needs to be aligned directly with the expectations, opinions and in some cases, the disappointments of your customer’s experience.  So why is customer feedback really crucial for your business and its growth? Collecting and analyzing customer feedback can help you to get to know your customers better, increase their engagement and loyalty, and even acquire new customers.

According to an article on Forbes.com, “Getting to the top of your industry is no easy task, but staying there is a whole different ballgame. Those at the top do, however, have one thing in common: They understand the value of a winning customer experience strategy, and they measure it effectively to produce a customer experience currency that can be utilized by executives and team members at every level of the company.”

It Identifies Areas of Your Business that Need Improvement

Business owners are often so immersed in their own operations and the knowledge they have about their product that they may not see the imperfections or a breakdown in service. It is important to learn from your customers’ experiences and create an action plan to make any changes or adjustments when necessary.

It Makes Customers Feel Valued and Involved

Nothing shows your customers that they are more important than asking for their opinion and acting accordingly. When you ask customers for their opinion about a product or experience, they feel valued and treated as a part of your creative team. By asking your customers to provide feedback you make them believe that their opinion is truly valued.

Good Feedback Can Generate Positive Reviews and Recommendations

Positive reviews are a great business booster – especially online. However, any good review even by word of mouth can be an asset to your business. Remember that referrals are the most effective and free way of advertising.  A survey conducted by Rewardstream.com revealed that personal recommendations are the top motivation for purchase decisions, not just while finalizing the sale, but at every step of the purchase cycle.

Even Negative Feedback Can Turn Into a Positive Experience

Unhappy customers who provide feedback should be seen as an opportunity to address any problems or misunderstandings immediately. No response often provokes additional negative comments, but if you respond quickly and effectively it can result in increasing customer advocacy.  While you can never stop people from posting their complaints or dissatisfaction on social media, you are in control of how your business will handle it.

It Helps Build Brand Loyalty

Actively asking for feedback from clients and responding to their opinions can help to create a positive and more personal relationship with your customers. Customers will begin to perceive your company as a business that truly cares about their experience. Maintaining relationships with clients pays off – instead of just being a company who sells quality products, you may become their favorite company.

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