The Importance of Showing Appreciation on Social Media

The Importance of Showing Appreciation on Social Media

Social Media is obviously a terrific way to market your own brand. However, there’s something to be said for taking a step back from self-promotion and shouting out another individual or company. Showing your appreciation for another company in your field is not only a nice gesture, but it also enforces a natural and quite effective means of leveraging your own credibility.

People like compliments and companies do too. A large part of success in marketing actually comes from “paying it forward” to others. If you simply show your genuine and enthusiastic appreciation for other people, they will return the favor and then some.

How can your company show appreciation on various social media platforms?

*FACEBOOK: LIKE a Company’s Page

Most industry-related brands and businesses have a Facebook page nowadays. And, it’s super easy to show your appreciation for another company on this platform. There are a variety of ways of going about “showing love” for others on Facebook. You can start by simply searching for the company page of the business and “liking” them. Then, once you’ve liked them, all of their posts will appear in your news feed. You, then, have the opportunity of sharing their content on your own and page, as well as “liking” each individual post.

The company will receive notifications of all of your generous activity regarding their brand. If you go about continually sharing and liking the company’s content, they will hopefully return the favor and “like” you back.

*TWITTER: Retweet or Personally Feature Someone in Your Tweet

The easiest way to show love for a respectable figure in your field on Twitter is to follow them. But, you can go the extra mile and retweet their posts on your own page, or even tweet at them with a special thank you message.

At our Long Island, New York web design company, we monitor our own Twitter page. On a daily basis, we retweet some of the most buzzing industry news from other ‘creatives,’ as well as tweet at our favorite digital designers and artists. These kinds of actions get noticed and valued by the big-wigs which we are appreciating. And, this appreciation has helped grow our own online reputation.

*PINTEREST: Pin Your Favorite Company’s Content

The concept of Pinterest is pretty basic, requiring you to simply organize categorized content via pins and repins. The best way to show gratitude for another brand or big-wig in the industry is to repin their awesome content. When they post anything having to do with their work, services, or brand, you can pin to these items and give back to them. There are a number of things that you could link back to including a company’s product, blog post, social media share, or anything of that nature.

Pinterest is a great medium to show your appreciation, based on the viral nature of the visual frenzy. By pinning someone else’s content, your appreciation of this content is now exposed to an exorbitant amount of other individuals, who might otherwise be unfamiliar with this company’s brand altogether.

*BLOG: Create a Special Shout-Out Blog for One Individual or Company

Another great way to show your appreciation is by showcasing an entire blog post to someone in your industry. Maybe you’re a huge fan of an up-and-coming big wig in your web design industry. Or, perhaps you’d like to formally thank someone for recognizing you in their social media campaign. This is a great tool to utilize your own, personal space and shout out a special individual or company.

Featuring someone on your blog is a giant form of appreciation, since an entire post/article is delegated to appreciating this one individual or company. In addition, any current blog followers you have are immediately exposed to this company and pointed in the direction of the company or individual. That’s prime appreciation right there.

*INSTAGRAM: Publicly Thank another Company for their Post or Photo on your Own Feed

Instagram is similar to Pinterest in respect to the attraction toward visual marketing. The platform is so popular because it only demands the user to post photos and “like” others’ photos. You can show your appreciation by simply following a user, “liking” their respective photos, or even sharing their photos in your feed. Also, if you establish a Facebook/Instagram connection, you can make it so that your “likes” show up in your Facebook feed. This enables two platforms of your own followers to gain awareness of who you support. That kind of appreciation, across social media platforms, is a respectful and honorable way to show love for others.

Giving support is the best way to gain some for your own brand. And, lucky for you, showing appreciation on social media is super easy, fast, and goes a long way. So, start appreciating everyone from the little people to the big dogs now!

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