How to Implement a ROCKSTAR Business Instagram Campaign

How to Implement a ROCKSTAR Business Instagram Campaign

Unless you’ve been under a rock (and further neglecting to read OTV’s awesome Long Island, New York web design blog), you are probably well aware of the Instagram frenzy! Photos, photos, and more photos! As a visual people, we seemingly can’t get enough imagery and visual stimulation in the form of celebrity, food, and other eye candy.

While the recreational Instagram accounts of socialites like Kim Kardashian are viral for mere celebrity, businesses are catching onto the incredible marketing tactics this social network can provide.

Photo marketing, or visual marketing, can be tricky to some less-than-visual businesses. However, the following snazzy tips can be applied to any business with enough creativity to enforce a truly ROCKSTAR Instagram campaign. And, becoming a ROCKSTAR is sort of what you REALLY WANT via Instagram!!!!!

We have chosen to showcase a gorgeously enforced business Instagram campaign to prove the success and value of our tips. Baked by Melissa, a gourmet mini-cupcake shop with multiple locations in Manhattan, is not only making her delectable delights with sweet success, but further implementing a ROCKSTAR Instagram! Check out her campaign in regard to our SWEET tips::::::::

1- SHOW Us Your Business’s Product:

The most important part of your business is, arguably, your product. You have something that no other company has, so show us what you got! Melissa has some of the most delightful cupcakes in Manhattan, and she does a brilliant job photo journaling their glory in all of their mini, colorful, unique, and delicious fashion!

2-SHOW Us How You Make Your Product:

People love to see the employees and business owners actually making the product. It puts a face to the name and also provides an affable, “home-y,” and inviting business feel. Melissa documents her work space and how she makes her bodacious cupcakes from time to time, further displaying a seal of FRESHNESS! SCORE!!

3- SHOW Us What Your Product Can Provide:

Depending on your field of business and/or products sold, the relative provisions are infinite. In Melissa’s case, what DON’T cupcakes provide????!!!! They are itty-bitty, delicious, and addictive. But, more than anything, they make you happy. So, she does a great job of marketing that happiness on Instagram! A smile says a thousand words!

4- SHOW Us Your Awesome Work Space:

If clients and customers love your product, they will equally LOVE seeing where your product comes from. Show them what you do, but also show them WHERE you do it! Melissa and her cupcakes are often blasting up the Instagram network with images of her and fellow cupcake-makers working hard!

5-SHOW Us Your Employees:

One of the most viral aspects of Instagram is this notion that we are “involved” in the lives of others and, further, PART of their lives. As a business, showing us how you make your products, your work space and the like all play into this desire to become a part of a person or business’s back story. By showing us your employees, you add another realm of back story to our already interested desire. At Baked by Melissa, the employees are frequently displayed eating/making cupcakes, having fun, and getting caught on camera – all things that we as viewers, and ADMIRERS, of a specific product LOVE to see.

6- SHOW Us Special Events Your Products Are featured At:

Another really interesting way to keep displaying your business and products is to capture moments or events that your products are showcased. Here, Melissa’s cupcake specialties were honorably featured at the HUGELY successful HBO’s Series GIRLS’ premiere! Super cool! What better way than to shout out your own product and the ROCKSTAR actresses of the show GIRLS!

7- SHOW Us Behind The Scenes FUN:

Employing a “behind-the-scenes” visual lets people feel like they’re in on a secret. And, people love secrets, special treatment, and feeling like they’re a part of your special community. Baked by Melissa’s Instagram is filled with fun employee graphics, pre-event cupcake display making, and other random moments of TOP-SECRET BAKED by MELISSA fun!

8- SHOW Us NOTEWORTHY Individuals Enjoying Your Product:

As cool as it is for your business to experience celebrity approval of your product, it is JUST as cool for your customers to view. Showing your celebrity STATUS markets your business in a truly unique, viral way. Simultaneously, it makes current and prospective customers that much more interested in your product. Here, Khloe Kardashian enjoys a Baked by Melissa cupcake at a special, Hollywood event!

9- SHOW Us DOGS (because, well, DOGS!!!!):

When would adorable dogs EVER NOT be welcome???? Many businesses are posting Instagram images of animals and cute dogs on their pages, and the rationalization has mixed answers. Perhaps it’s a brilliant marketing ploy because, well, who doesn’t love a cute puppy?? Or, perhaps it also resonates with animal rights and, well, who isn’t in support of that also?? Whatever the actual motive, businesses are receiving viral response from this tactic. Melissa often displays her cute pup on the company’s Instagram and markets him as her little helper. We dig!

10- SHOW Us How Your Business Takes Service to the Next Level:

So, Baked by Melissa is a WILDLY popular cupcake joint. We know! But, Melissa takes her marketing campaign to the next level by implementing a cupcake pod machine in Flatiron. SAY WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?! Yes, she offers cupcakes out of machine!! If that’s not taking your business to the nest level, I don’t know what is! So, what better way to showcase this genius than by slapping a snazzy photo on Instagram!

WAIT!!!! THERE’S MORE…………………………………….

It’s quite obvious that Instagram is a MEGA-CELEBRITY in the world of recreational photo tagging/archiving/bookmarking/image construction, but it’s becoming seemingly more pervasive in the world of business as well. Since this viral marketing has become a thing of the present, networks like Instagram are not only affecting the way we perceive casual and business information, but all other forms of communication as well. Powerful stuff!

As a business owner with a flourishing Instagram campaign, you can also take advantage of other digital platforms that reinforce your online marketing presence. At OTV, we work closely with a premium frozen yogurt company, Tutti Frutti. Via services like, Tutti Frutti has access to archives of photos that were taken at their business. As a result, Tutti Frutti can personally thank the user, as well as use the photos for further marketing and online networking.

Deploying an Instagram campaign for your business is definitely an intelligent and innovative marketing stratagem! Photos have always been, and will continue to be, a unique, critical aspect of marketing. So, jump on the Instagram craze now, use these WISE tips that work, and become a ROCKSTAR in the world of photo archiving!

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