How to Damage Your Brand and Alienate Customers

How to Damage Your Brand and Alienate Customers

Many businesses, both small and large, are hoping to increase their Internet visibility in order to bring in new customers. What some forget, however, is that with increased Internet visibility comes increased scrutiny; more attention is only a good thing if you’re doing things that customers want to see. If you’re among those implementing tactics to increase web presence, you also need to keenly evaluate your branding and make sure that higher visibility will bring out the best in your company. Here are the five biggest ways you can damage your brand as you seek to expand your online presence:

    1. Forget About Mobile
      Failing to prioritize the mobile user experience is a sure-fire way to alienate the growing number of people using mobile devices as their primary point of Internet access. Remember that mobile usability extends past your website to channels such as email marketing; the volume of email opened on smartphones and tablets has gone up by 80% across the world in the last six months alone (and in case you’re thinking it might not be worth optimizing for such channels, you should remember that email marketing yields, on average, $44.25 for every dollar invested).


    1. Tweet Carelessly
      Social media engagement is a good way to let your customers feel they’re getting to know you on a more personal level. But while personable interaction is a good thing, all social media posts should be well thought out and consistent with the brand’s message. If you’re worried about your ability to do that, then professional social media management can help you make the most of your investment in social channels.


    1. Feed on Controversy
      Every once in a while, newsjacking a controversial happening pays off for a brand. But far more often, it backfires, meaning you’re more likely to be doing damage control than bringing in new customers. Unless a trusted Internet marketing firm can thoroughly explain why a controversial tactic is a good idea, it’s better to stay away from politics and the like.


    1. Shamelessly Self-Promote
      Everyone knows that strategies such as search engine optimization are vital to most online businesses’ survival, and content creation is part of that (about 92% of marketers say content creation is either “very” or “somewhat” effective in fueling SEO). But you need to be careful, because your customers will know when the blogs or posts they’re seeing are just clickbait intended to boost your numbers rather than truly engage with your audience.


  1. Violate Your Promises
    Your brand is only as good as the promises it makes to your customers — whether those are small promises like on-time deliveries or big promises like fair-trade products — and violating those promises is the number-one way to alienate your target market.


What else should business take care to avoid as they seek to increase their Internet visibility? Discuss in the comments.

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