How Holiday Social Media Marketing Will be Affected by New Buy Buttons

How Holiday Social Media Marketing Will be Affected by New Buy Buttons

internet marketingThe holiday internet marketing season is always a great time to take advantage of social media, but this year is set to be about much more than increasing visibility on the web and boosting your online marketing presence.

Internet marketing services have traditionally focused on increasing engagement and follower counts during the holidays, but this year will be all about sales and e-commerce.

Both Twitter and Facebook are rolling out “buy” buttons just in time for the holidays to allow customers to purchase gifts right from their social media feeds with minimal effort. This new service has the potential to create huge return on investment for internet marketing, but only when businesses play their cards right.

According to a survey conducted by Offerpop’s internet marketing team, 62% of digital brand strategists are planning to focus on expanding sales and brand reach during the holidays. Capitalizing on new social media buy buttons will likely be critical to this strategy.

As the holidays approach, social media observers can expect to see plenty of creative campaigns backed by substantial advertising budgets to encourage Twitter and Facebook users to do their holiday shopping online. It’s also likely that advertisers will focus on social media platforms with buy buttons while shifting away from social media platforms which don’t yet have systems that drive sales.

Facebook is likely to be the big moneymaker this holiday season. Offerpop reported that 92% of marketers plan to allocate most of their holiday social media budgets to Facebook marketing.

User-generated content that promotes certain products will also feature prominently to drive people to buy the same products. Since user-generated content is free and creates hundreds of genuine, reliable testimonials, expect it to be a popular tactic as shoppers are searching for good holiday gifts.

This doesn’t mean that other SEO tactics should be neglected during the holidays. Blogs still create more indexed pages and links, and companies that blog over 15 times a month get five times the traffic. Typically, marketers spend about a quarter of their budget on content marketing tactics like blogs, but with the arrival of buy buttons, this will likely shift during the holidays.

Social media use is higher than ever, and many people use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep track of incentives and promotions for items they want to buy. This means that the ROI potential for these tactics is enormous during the holidays, so talk to your marketing service about your options as the holidays approach.

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