The History & Future of the Infographic

The History & Future of the Infographic

One of the more recent online community frenzies is that of the notorious INFOGRAPHIC! And, it makes sense that these visual education illustrations have become so widely admired. Think about it, the infographic is really an online marketer’s best friend. It melds the best of both critical, useful information with the always-desired visual stimulation our society is currently demanding. Further, they have become the quintessential “like” candy on all of the main social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

So, our Long Island, New York web design company thought it essential to discuss the pervasiveness of these visual communicators, the history, and the future of the infographic at large.


What is an Infographic?

Any graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

According to this basic information, it would be fair to say that ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics represent some of the most primitive infographic displays. However, after an illustration of the Sun’s rotation patterns was published in 1626, infographics began popping up regularly to demonstrate easily digested and fun concepts.

By the 1970s, the infographic became a large part of the British news publication, the Sunday Times. Since these illustrations intrigued the general public by making news more compelling, the tradition carried over into the next two decades.

Finally, by the 21st Century, the digital landscape facilitated easier production of these infographic campaigns. And, the trend began appearing everywhere from websites, various digital publications, magazine ads and articles, and even games.


Today the infographic is so demanded and well-received that our On Top Visibility Pinterest campaign has a board entitled, “Infographics.” Implemented for business marketing, social and political campaigns, or even just recreational fun and humor, infographics are a BIG DEAL.

Just take a look at some of the following infographics and how effective they are at eliciting immediate knowledge in a unique and attractive way:


Everyone knows the power that the Apple brand has had on a global level. However, illustrating the history and overall reach of this empire is something that is not only helpful, but fascinating as well! It reiterates and reaffirms the high-quality product, pristine customer service, and longstanding future to come.


Whether it’s a Presidential election or Federal holiday, infographics regarding all things political run the gamut. And, as you would imagine, infographics also reflect the wide spectrum of political stances, general political milieu of the moment, and leave a hefty amount of room for discussion. The following illustration breaks down how social media users are responding to political content. And, if you used social media platforms in and around the last year of the presidential campaign, you are QUITE aware of the political raging that ensued.

*Social Awareness

In case you haven’t noticed an absurd amount of unruly mustaches throughout the month of November, MOVEMBER is the social trigger behind this facial hair frenzy. Mustaches, or MO’s, have become a signifier and social experiment to help raise awareness for men’s health and male-related cancers. The following infographic illustrates the growing awareness of this movement, in addition to celebrating the Mo-growing effort at large.

*Sheer FUN:

In the last decade or so, hipster hysteria has taken over everything from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, fashion influence, and even lifestyle. NOT to be confused with the “geek,” the “hipster” is as diametrically opposed to its nerdy counterpart as vanilla to chocolate……if you ask him! However, the irony of the similarities and juxtapositions has been a huge source of cultural entertainment and infographic demand! This illustration serves little political discourse, social awareness, or moral campaign. It does, however, offer an attractively genius and humor-saturated display of this very realistic cultural phenomenon.

And, the possibilities are really endless!


It’s always interesting to consider the future of a hugely pervasive cultural concept. And, the infographic is no different. According to the widespread discussion of this pictorial praise, the infographic is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the history of its longwinded progression and current reliance lends itself to increased innovation and presence in our culture. The static images that have graced past print and digital landscapes will likely evolve with the world of motion and animation techniques, to articulate news, culture, entertainment, and the like. Further, the infographic is anticipated to make its mark in real-time/interactive digital settings, considering the growing dependence on social media, mobile, and smart phones.


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