Habits of the Highly Productive

Habits of the Highly Productive

Sometimes, imitation really is the best form of flattery.  And, in the case of business success and productivity, there’s nothing wrong with following the big dogs in regard to their habits.  Maybe you’re in the web design industry!  Or, perhaps you’re an entrepreneur in the food industry.  Regardless of the industry you serve, there exist a great many habits that you might consider adding to your repertoire of business success.

Most of the following habits of the highly productive are ones that needn’t be learned or even require much routine shifting.  If you simply commit to trying one or all of these, you will definitely experience increased productivity:


Not all tasks are equally important in regard to business and life in general.  And if you have specific goals for your business, your priorities should be delegated accordingly.  Depending on the nature of your work and the field you serve, your priorities will vary.  For the most part, however, your business goals might mean foregoing some of the other activities and “free time” that you’ve been meaning to catch up on.  Gather a firm handle on your goals, how you will attain them, and what tasks/activities need to take a backseat to fulfilling these goals.

*Choose Realistic Goals

Use your strengths to your advantage and stick to tasks you know you have full potential of completing quickly and efficiently.  The most productive business moguls understand where their strengths and weaknesses reside, always playing off of their strong points.  This might even mean having to sacrifice doing certain things that you know you might be overly challenged by.  Sometimes, when a tasks’ time and energy demands surpass your enjoyment and ability to naturally complete them, you’d be better off passing it by.

*Find a Healthy Marriage between Work and Play

Do you ever feel like you’re being pulled in one direction by work and a completely opposite direction by friends/family?  One way to beat the stress of this is to find a way to integrate both worlds.  Build social events around your work community, work activities, and vice versa.  This not only allows you to associate work and work-related people with fun, but it also takes the strain off of having to manage two separate lives.

*Budget Time

It’s pretty easy to get distracted by your coworkers, personal life, and countless iPhone social media updates!  Managing your time properly is INTEGRAL to productivity.  We understand that distractions are present.  Sometimes, it might mean turning off your phone and stowing it away, going on a brief “social media cleanse,” or any other behavior that might aid in prioritizing your work.

*Always be willing to LEARN

As cheesy as it might sound, KNOWLEDGE really is POWER.  Being able to acquire information is not only a luxury, but it also makes you less reliant on others in the long run.  Of course learning a skill set demands a fair amount of time.  However, keeping yourself open to learning some basic, everyday skills has the power to transform your productivity and overall business success.  And, one can never possess too much knowledge!

*Chill Out

Seriously, lightening up a bit is an effective ingredient toward goal acquisition.  The mind is a powerful tool, and if you simply learn to accept stressors of life, how to handle challenges, and not cutting yourself up for any of it, you will possess much more happiness.  With happiness comes a fair amount of progress, growth, and the ability to rationally see the big picture…and get more work done!  So, chill out, and watch your productivity skyrocket.

The above tools are all simple to employ.  Whether you start with one or many, you will absolutely notice a change in your ability to produce great, high-quality work.  

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