Habits of the Extraordinarily Well-Respected Businesses in Social Media

Habits of the Extraordinarily Well-Respected Businesses in Social Media

Most would agree that RESPECT is at the very core of any business success. And this relative respect certainly transcends all facets of a business’s marketing campaign. Of course, respect is also the result of a truly great product, loyal customer service, and smorgasbord of other desirable commodities running the gamut. But, let’s face it; earning big-dog status admiration is something we all want!

A brief gander at the social media campaigns of any business power user will lend itself to some similar habits that you can employ. At our Long Island, New York web design firm, we understand the value of acquiring widespread, lifelong client respect. That is why we always consider the social media behaviors of the big-dogs in our industry.

So, learn from the big-dogs and employ some of these basic, yet highly effective, ideals:

Ditch the Power Stance

It’s true that you want to assume the authority as the information-holder in your industry, but there’s nothing more deterring than the “hoity-toity” know-it-all! Instead of rambling for days about your business and what you can provide, conjure up some genuine conversation on your social media. People are attracted to community engagement and prefer this as opposed to being talked AT!

One of the most desirable things about the conversational, community engagement-centered social media campaign is the degree of approachability that goes along with it. Always be you! But, be as authentically approachable via social media as you can be in your discussions.

Break Down Barriers within Your Community

In general, individuals who embrace endearing gestures of “touch” in everyday communication are often regarded as warmer, affable people. The same can be said for the nature of businesses. Clearly, it is impossible for a business to literally TOUCH their audience through social media, but what businesses can do is employ humanizing qualities.

Again, ditch the power stance and the wall that separates you from your audience. Try to humanize your brand on social media as frequently as you can. Because, the reality is that individuals value and show loyalty to companies that embrace genuine policies.

Make it about Your Fans/Followers

Just like communicating in the “real” world, social media campaigns are most successful when they operate on a fan-focused platform. What we mean by this is the following: don’t sit on your Facebook and Twitter running off dissertations about all of your company’s success. Make it about the fans/followers! What’s in it for them?

A good way to approach this is to ask your business:

What are my clients into?

What do they want?

What entices them?

By keeping your clients at the center of the conversation, they’re always locked in. And, if you make sure the content is compelling AND about them, they’re going to display loyalty and satisfaction.

Embrace Authenticity

Even the most corporate, established brands possess human qualities. A large reason for the desire to humanize a brand resides within authenticity. Much like individuals do not possess PERFECTION (whatever ‘perfection’ is!), businesses do not either!

Showing humanistic compassion and vulnerability from time to time is an attractive thing. Regarding your social media, your business should listen to the follower discussion, provide answers where answers are due, and ALWAYS embrace criticism, suggestions, ideas, and even failure.

Don’t Request Anything

Is there anything more buzz-kill than when someone new, who SEEMS great, asks for a hand-out?

A truly successful business social media campaign will stay focused on the followers and articulate what they can provide for them! Providing value to your clients should be your priority on social media, and not always be goal-oriented. The more you show what you have for your followers, how you can give it to them, and how they can benefit from it, the more value and loyalty they will offer in return.

Don’t Ever “Close the Door” on Communication

Since your social media is a constant stream of information, there isn’t really an “ending” nature associated to your communication. However, each post on your social media should ensure that “open door” constancy of helpful customer service.

Think about each social media post as a small public speech, where your company must leave a lasting impression. As important as first impressions are in establishing clients, leaving positive lasting impressions lock down lifelong clients and increased word-of-mouth referrals.

At the end of the day, garnering respect will always be the result of authenticity, meaningful connections, engagement, and value. Whether you’re an individual or a robust Long Island, New York website design team, the respect you acquire should include the above mentioned ideals.

So long as your social media stays true to your brand, exercises genuine care for your clients, and provides solutions for these loyal individuals, you will acquire the extraordinary level of respect your business needs.

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