A Guide to ROCKSTAR Web Content via Apple

A Guide to ROCKSTAR Web Content via Apple

It’s no surprise that Apple is KIND OF A BIG DEAL regarding everything from business, products, and customer service. And the content on their website is no different. Apple is an empire in its own right, with a firm handle on marketing at large. So, who better to use as a model for ROCKSTAR content?!

If you view the Apple website, you will be struck by a clean yet innovative experience. It might not appear that the content staring back at you was painstakingly crafted with marketing at the forefront, but it most certainly was. It is this very simplicity that we at On Top Visibility will be highlighting in our content guide.

So, relax for a moment because the guide will reassure you of how easy it is to create business-specific content, which is sure to grab your readers’ attention.

*Create SCANNABLE Content

In case you didn’t realize this about your own web browsing behaviors, most individuals are scanners and not readers. What you need to understand about this fact is the following: the attention spans of people are limited in the physical world. The digital world cuts that attention span in half.

Thus, your content should be written and arranged in a manner that encourages eye-scanning for quick and helpful material. You should use captivating headlines, entice curiosity in the language, and remember to communicate the most important facts at the beginning!

*Remember Your Readers

The entire purpose of the previous tip (creating scannable content), is to entice readers to actually read the stuff below your awesome headlines. However, keep it light, fresh, and punchy! When individuals do decide that your content is worth reading, it should be enjoyable and easy to digest.

Don’t bombard your visitors with wordy jargon and lengthy dissertations. You might be a great writer, an intellect, and a business worthy of great praise; however, there’s a fine line between writing in a stuffy manner which deters, and writing in a captivating and witty manner that attracts.

*Design to Capture Attention

We’ve written countless blog posts on how to design to attract attention, but there’s a great deal of misconception in regard to design.

As we stated the importance of keeping language simple and approachable, then same can be said for design. Your design should reinforce interest and continued reading. Use photos and images that accentuate themes. Make us of white space and don’t bombard guests with loud colors and “razzle, dazzle overkill!” Highlight your calls to action with color, bold lettering, and font sizes. This not only forces unconscious eye shifting, but also increases your credibility.

*Utilize Persuasion in your Language

Now that you’ve locked your scanners into reading your content, you’re going to want to compel your readers to take action. By using persuasive and high-converting language, you can guarantee that your readers are going to stay compelled and make a call to action.

Another powerful tool to utilize with regard to language is giving your readers rationale for why they NEED what you provide. This also includes overcoming any of their faults for potentially NOT wanting to buy your product.

Finally, show your readers proof of your high-quality product or service. And, respect their decision to either act now or call/visit to speak with someone about their options.

*Create Landing Pages out of ALL of your Web Pages

As discussed many times previously, people want information and they want it yesterday. They don’t have time to go searching further, once they land on any of your websites’ pages. That is why it’s important to create landing pages (essentially) out of all of the pages of your website. Landing pages deliver quick, information, easy to digest material, in a captivating manner. Further, landing pages compel target viewers to make a call to action.

Since your website viewers are not only going to be landing on your homepage, it is important to consider the landing page mentality when designing and implementing content on all pages of your site.

*Captivate Readers with Fluid, Poetry-Inspired Content

It’s important to remember that the content you DO choose to adorn your pages with should be, ideally, pleasant to read. If writing is not your strong suit, a helpful tip to keep in mind is to mimic the language of great poetry. Consider rhyme, repetition, rhythm, and even alliteration. Copy that literally “dazzles” your readers with poetic tactics is an effective and helpful way to go about creating excellent content.

*SHOW Your Readers!

At the core of most of our marketing tips is the highly pervasive visual element. Don’t just tell your readers what’s so great about your product, SHOW them! Photos, videos, and infographics are the way to go to receive instantaneous, captivated viewers. Let’s be serious, photos are easier to digest and more uniquely appealing to the naked eye, upon immediate glance, than words. That is why your linguistically delightful content should paint a picture surrounding the actual pictures!

Content is much more than just words on a page. If you go about it in an innovative manner, your content should sing sweet messages that compel your readers to “LOOK HERE NOW,” “BUY OUR PRODUCT,” and the rest of it! So, consider the above tips in your content marketing journey and reap the benefits.

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