Getting your Website in with Google

Getting your Website in with Google

You can think of Google as the big man on campus, when it comes to the digital landscape.  Google is basically The Man.  And, you want to be on his good side, because that means social acceptance, credibility, popularity ranking, and overall success.  In the world of business, Google serves that very same purpose in regard to your business’s website.

You can’t just build a website and expect the Big GUY (ahem, Google) to sporadically take your business under its wing.  There are ethical cues, responsibilities, and dues that your website must pay before getting deemed “cool” by Google. 

So, here are a few things you can do to get on Google’s good side:

Meta Tags are your friends

Highlighting industry keywords in the back end of your website is great for getting in with Google and ranking on the search engines.  Of the utmost importance are your title tags and meta descriptions.  Here, you should take some time to understand the most influential, highly ranked keywords in your industry, and utilize them in your description.  When you enforce your meta tags effectively, your website is that much more likely to be crawled by Google and gain the credibility that it needs.

GENIUS content

You might have heard about a little thing called smart content.  Generating clean, consistent, and relevant content on your website allows the search engines to easily understand what each page is about.  Further, by utilizing your unique industry keywords, you’re optimizing your website in regard to ranking above your competitors and generating the right clientele.  Each page of your website should be well-thought out and articulate the products and services you offer, sending signals to the search engines about your website’s content.

Inbound Links to guide the way

Another way to acquire credibility from Google is by possessing inbound links from other websites.  External links aid in the process of informing Google and search engines what the actual page is about, garnering extra relevance for your website.  It is within your interest to obtain links from external sources that also possess keywords relevant to your industry.  This way, Google has an idea as to the nature of your website’s content, further bolstering your page rank.

Social Media to bolster keywords

In much the same respect as inbound links, the social media platforms help Google anticipate keywords with a given website.  Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, it’s a good idea to include your most valuable keywords within your post, helping Google anticipate the nature of your content.

All of the above tools are easy, reasonable, and incredibly effective ways to approach the almighty Google.  You want to impress Google.  That is just a fact.  If you get on Google’s good side, you’re that much more likely to reap the benefits of online business authority and business success.  

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