Get the Most out of your Email Marketing

Get the Most out of your Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to reach customers is to implement a strong email marketing campaign.  It’s certainly true that emails from random businesses can often be irrelevant and unwarranted, but if you go about your campaign with audience engagement in mind, you might find a substantially larger increase in conversions and business growth. 

Having people unsubscribe from your emails would be a surefire sign that your campaign could use a little help.  So, take a closer look at some of the more effective and easy to manage tips in boosting your email marketing:

*Schedule Emails at the RIGHT Time

Timing plays a large role in the effectiveness of your email marketing, not to mention the willingness of your readers to act.  There are certain times during the day that are much more efficient at locking down readers, like late nights and weekends.  Acting on this reality is your chance to procure more readers and get them while they’re more willing and patient to hear what you have to say.

*Customize your Emails:

If you’re running analytics and strategically observing your customer behavior, you probably possess a great deal of information about their habits and interests.  Use this knowledge to your advantage and craft customized emails based on these habits and behaviors.  Your readers will be more likely to engage when they feel they are being spoken o directly.

*Create ROCKSTAR Subject titles:

The subject lines of your emails are incredibly powerful in captivating customer attention.  If you aren’t compelling in the headline, chances are your customers are not going to feel inclined to even open up the email.  Maybe you’re offering a special promotion, giving away a freebie, or have some insider news.  Whatever the case, let it be known and be fascinating.

*Make sure you have a Purpose:

The emails you send should always have some kind of intent.  Make sure you highlight this with a call to action.  Depending on the context and industry you serve, the purpose of your emails will vary.  It should always, however, be clear what you want the customer to do or say.

*Be mobile friendly:

Since the vast majority of Internet users are going about their business on their phones, you need to ensure that your email marketing is mobile friendly.  If not, the chances of your readers becoming agitated and not even giving your email the time of day is great.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be regarded as spam and, further, deleted.  Try the above tips on for size and boost your customer engagement  with a compelling email marketing campaign.  

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